Can't Watch

System requirements

Please see the following guides to make sure you have the correct system requirements to be able to watch Into Film+

Please note, if you have a large organisation and more than 10 streams of Into Film+ are being run at one time, your organisation will not be able to watch any more streams. Stop one of the streams and wait 2 to 3 minutes before trying again. If this is an issue for your organisation, pleaseĀ contact us to let us know.

Location issues

Are you in your registered location? Please note, you need to be in the registered location to watch Into Film+. If you are in your registered location and Into Film+ is unable to locate you, try the following guides to help

Other common issues

Issues with logging in

Please make sure you are logging in with your username rather than your email address. For more help if you have forgotten your username, please click the link below and follow the guide.