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Our careers page aims to keep you up-to-date with information and resources to help grow your learners' understanding of the film industry, and what opportunities are available to young people who want to explore working in the British film industry. 

Explore the Resources section to find downloadable materials to help you explore careers with young people, and the News & Views section to see highlights from some of our careers work, and visit the Online Careers Sessions section for a range of videos in which industry professionals give their advice direct to young people.

Or, if you want to know more about a specific area of the film industry, use the links below to jump to the relevant section.


Useful Qualifications: Maths, Computer Science, Art

Useful Skills: PhotoShop, Gamer, Imagination

The VFX industry consists of roles including CGI Artist, VFX Designer and Digital Technobobbler and is the fastest growing sector of the film industry.

Find out more about specific roles in VFX using the links below.


Useful Qualifications: Maths, Business Studies

Useful Skills: Excel, Multi-tasking, Dad owns a bank

Whether it's a short film being made on a shoestring, or a multi-million dollar blockbuster, all films cost money to make, and having someone keeping track of what's spent where is vital.

Roles in the Film and Screen Industries

VFX Tour Wales


Find out about roles in the VFX sector.

Young learner engaging with Into Film Careers activity.


Find out more about roles in the Accounting sector.

Alfred Hitchcock


Find out more about roles in the Directing sector.

Food Fight


Find out more about roles in the Catering sector.

Sectors of the Film and Screen Industries

VFX Workshop pic


Find out about the different roles within the VFX sector.

Find out more
Careers in Film through Maths


Find out about the different roles within the Accounting sector.

Find out more

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