Your Film Club, Your Way: Shorts - 7-11

Fulfilament (British Council Shorts 2016 - Primary)
Fulfilament (British Council Shorts 2016 - Primary)

This approach, centred around the Into Film British Council Shorts 2016 Primary collection DVD, is for use by film club leaders with their club members aged 7 to 11. Since 2013, the Into Film Curation Team and members of the Film Department at the British Council have worked together to create a showcase for the best British short films made each year that appeal to young people. 

The Your Film Club, Your Way: Shorts 7-11 resource guides leaders on how to decode clips from the films using the 3Cs (camera, character, colour) and 3Ss (story, setting, sound). This learning can be used to analyse and interpret any film text. The activities can be used in club sessions and there are extension activities to develop learning further.

The British Council builds trust between, and creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries worldwide. Its specialist film department works to profile the innovation, diversity, creativity and excellence of British films, both internationally and in the UK. Supporting short films and emerging filmmakers is a key part of our activity so we're absolutely thrilled to be a partner for this compilation and bring some of the best short films from around the UK to a brand new audience. Find out more here:



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