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09 Feb 2017 | Reading time 2 Minutes

Filmmaking in an SEN school

An article written by Arts Practitioner Laura McLaughlin, about her first in-school support day in Kilronan School with her colleague, Luke Porter. 

On Thursday 2 February 2017, Luke and I had the wonderful opportunity to make new friends in Kilronan Special School. We often support teachers and pupils in schools across the North West but every so often, a day comes along when you learn and laugh and feel like you might make a tiny difference. Our day in Kilronan was that day.

Kilronan might be a Special School, but it's special for so many reasons beyond what you might think. From the wonderful teachers to the incredible teaching assistants, from the support staff and finally to the amazing children, we want to thank you all for welcoming us into your school and looking after us.

"They shot their scenes from different angles and took turns with directing, acting and being in charge of the camera."

Laura McLaughlin, Arts Practitioner

We came to help the children film shop scenes in classes J9 and J10 so that they could show everyone their numeracy skills. Luke and I were on hand to help with framing, focusing, lighting and editing but really, the children already knew such a lot about filming that we almost felt redundant. They showed us they had lots of skills in numeracy, lots of life skills in money handling and they even knew most of the filming skills they needed to make their videos. They shot their scenes from different angles and took turns with directing, acting and being in charge of the camera. It was wonderful to work with children that displayed such enthusiasm for learning and it made our day more enjoyable and much easier too. In the end, Luke and I mostly edited the videos together before we all watched them back again as one big team. So thanks Kilronan Special School. We had the best time learning with you and helping you put everything together.

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What our Project Coordinator says

"It’s been amazing to see teachers grow in confidence and develop a creative approach to the curriculum using film. I’ve seen teachers begin this project with no prior experience in using film literacy or curricular filmmaking, to having just delivered their own CPD session to their staff in these areas."

- Nichola Clarke, Teacher Development Project Coordinator, Into Film, Belfast