How to find films

Want to receive free films on DVD? Set up an Into Film Club today and gain access to thousands of titles, and much more.  

Films on our catalogue are findable by topic, curriculum subject, age, and duration. All titles are specially selected to meet the needs of educators and club leaders, and are accompanied by enrichment resources for both curricular and extra-curricular use.

Clubs are free for state funded school and non-school settings, such as youth clubs, cinemas and libraries. Registration is quick and easy and running a club is simple and fun - you can join today and begin ordering films of your choice from the thousands on our catalogue, all for free. A dedicated programme coordinator will be assigned to your club to help with everything from picking your first film, to setting up your own film festival. 

Encouraging and enabling children and young people to enjoy the benefits gained from experiencing a diverse range of film is our aim. 

You can also use to find out how to watch films legally. Please also view our licences page to make sure you have the correct licences in place to show film in an educational setting.

Children watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in class

Into Film Clubs

Into Film Clubs provide opportunities to watch, critique, review and make film.

Young people watching old film in a club

Do I need a licence?

Find out what you need in order to watch films in your education setting.