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About Into Film

Into Film is an organisation established by leading film education charities First Light and FILMCLUB to inspire young people aged 5-19 across the UK to learn through and about film.

Into Film puts film at the heart of children and young people's learning and cultural experience. Working with the education sector and film industry it delivers an ambitious and accessible programme that seeks to provide film learning opportunities for 5-19 year olds, encouraging and enabling film watching, filmmaking and critical film analysis on a scale never before seen in the UK.

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Into Film benefits from a distinguished founding board of trustees from the film industry, led by Chair, Eric Fellner (Co-Chairman of Working Title Films).

An extensive network of local, regional and national partners has been formed to deliver the programme comprising of film industry, teaching and education and third sector specialists.

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 Yes. Into Film is a trading name of Film Nation UK, registered charity number 1154030.

Into Film offers the opportunity to use film as a powerful tool for learning both in the classroom and in out of school settings such as youth clubs, community groups and libraries. Educators can set up their own film club, giving young people the opportunity to watch, discuss and review a huge range of films, as well as guidance to introduce filmmaking. Into Film also provides access to free curriculum-focused resources, training and CPD, and exceptional access to film industry experts.

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The film catalogue is a curated catalogue of films available on DVD for members to borrow and watch in their film clubs or the classroom. It is not a catalogue of every film available on DVD but films that have been specially selected and added to the catalogue by our programming team with our young audience in mind.

Film entertains, educates and inspires. We believe that children and young people, given access to a range and diversity of films and the opportunity to explore their responses, will make more informed and adventurous decisions about the films they choose to watch.

Into Film researches and curates films for cinema screenings and the Into Film Festival as well as films on DVD for the Into Film Catalogue for club screenings. The Catalogue holds 4000+ films from across the world and covers the whole history of cinema, constantly evolving as new films are released on DVD. We also promote short films by children and young people around the world, ensuring the visibility and profile of their work.

We choose films that we believe will have the most value for children and young people based on five key considerations:

We focus on child and youth centred stories, looking for films that present the world from a child's perspective or focus on the lives of children or young people locally and globally. To complement this we also seek out titles that tackle universal themes and issues that children and young people can relate to and identify with.

We balance mainstream and independent films, working with companies from across the UK film distribution industry to ensure we engage our audience with the full range of current and past content available.

We give extra attention to specialised* films in order that even if a child or young person's introduction to film is mainstream they're not limited to this, and are helped to discover films that represent diverse cultures, opinions and communities made by filmmakers with their own styles of storytelling and filmmaking.

We look beyond UK distribution, seeking films in archives held by cultural organisations, UK and international film festivals, from non-UK film distributors, sales agents and independent rights holders, as well as youth-produced films made with Into Film and other filmmaking organisations.

We connect cinema's past and present by curating programmes that link cinema's rich heritage and the perspectives of its new voices. In creating this dialogue we seek to expand a child or young person's horizons with opportunities for cultural reflection - to explore other values and attitudes, complex topical and historical issues and for enriching their understanding of what they may themselves aspire to as filmmakers.

* Foreign Language films with subtitles, Documentaries, Archive/Classic films, Artists, Film/Experimenta, Short Film Programmes, British Films

How do I join?

If you are based in the UK and you work with young people aged 5-19 in a school/college or youth organisation/cinema/arts venue, you are eligible to participate in Into Film activities.

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Yes - please register your interest. For all other enquiries concerning film clubs, or for more information on starting a film club at your organisation, please read our film club specific FAQs.

Additional Into Film benefits

Yes, there are a range of training opportunities available. These include Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training for teachers, film practitioners and youth leaders in basic filmmaking skills and the use of film and film-based resources in the classroom or non-school setting. These are delivered in a variety of formats including workshops, downloadable information and intensive training webcasts.

Visit our training page for more information.

Curriculum-linked and enriching teaching resources for learning through and about film are available on the website. These cover a wide range of subject areas and calendar events, from e-safety and copyright to English literature, world wars, modern foreign language and anti-bullying. We also produce film guides for post-screening discussions.

Resources include all four Key Stages and, following consultation with education experts in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, are tailored to support the curricula of all four nations.

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There are a number of ways that young people can get involved with the Into Film programme, including joining their school/youth group's film club, or participating in our weekly Review of the Week competition. We also have a Young Reporter Scheme that nurtures the talents of budding film journalists and a Youth Advisory Council that directs Into Film on many aspects of the programme.

In addition, we also have our very own YouTube channel populated by youth driven content aimed at 13-19 year olds.

The Into Film Festival is a free and annual celebration of film and education for 5-19 year olds across the UK that takes place in November across the UK. The festival supports our vision to put film at the heart of children and young people's learning, contributing to their cultural, creative and personal development. Find out more about the Festival.
There are a number of different filmmaking opportunities available for young people aged 5-19. These include a series of hands-on filmmaking workshops, incentivised competitions and scheduled visits to film clubs from professional filmmakers. These stimulate and facilitate filmmaking, in turn helping participants to develop skills and feel supported throughout the filmmaking process.
Film of the Month is Into Film's open filmmaking competition. It runs throughout the year with no deadlines, providing opportunities for young people aged 5 to 19 to enter their short films for consideration.See our filmmaking page for more information.

The new website

If you're having problems with the site, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and describe your issue. We'll endeavour to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
The new site features a searchable and filterable resources catalogue, films database and news hub. The site will also be carefully linked together, allowing users to easily discover similar content elsewhere on the site.
No. All of our offers are linked together, so you will be able to log in to this site using the same login details as you use for filmclub.org.

No. All of our offers are linked together, so you will be able to log in to this site using the same login details as you use for the Into Film Festival.

By asking users to log in to download our resources, it means that we can understand our audience better. As a result we will be able to ensure future resources are useful and we are targeting educators who are engaging with our offer.
By providing information about your job role before downloading our resources for the first time, it allows us to understand our audience better. We will use this information to ensure our future resources meet the demands of the educators using our materials.
Films can be ordered by film club leaders on our club delivery site: www.filmclub.org. Find out how to set up a film club.
Filmclub.org will remain online, and all ordering of DVDs and review writing will continue through the filmclub.org site. All resources have been moved to the new resources catalogue on this intofilm.org site, and the vast majority of our news will be posted here as well.
We have a dedicated programming team, who carefully select the films added to our films database for their educational and cultural value.

Yes - you can use our contact us page to get in touch, and let us know about your idea for an article for the site.

Storymaker: The Gruffalo FAQs

The Into Film Storymaker: The Gruffalo Edition is an educational app intended for classroom settings only. As a way of ensuring that only educators can use the app, we have restricted the use of it to Into Film club leaders. Signing up as a leader is free for all state-funded school and non-school settings. There are also lots of other benefits to being an Into Film club leader, such as the ability to order free films from our catalogue to use in the classroom.

Find out more about clubs and register here.

Yes, the log in details may be used for as many iPads that are needed for your school. Once you have logged in once, the app will stay logged in for 30 days, after which you will be asked to log in again.
The app was built to be compatible with all iPads running iOS version 9.0 and later. For best performance, we recommend you upgrade your iOS to the latest version. To do this, tap the Settings icon, choose General in the menu, then tap "software update". On older devices (particularly those built pre-2012), app performance may be slower due to hardware limitations.
Video instructions can be watched by tapping the ‘?' icon (help) on any screen in the app. There are text-based and image-based step-by-step instructions in the accompanying teachers' resource which can be downloaded here.
If your device microphone isn't working with the app, first check that the app has permission to use the microphone. To do this, come out of the app, open the iPad settings, scroll down until you find the app in the left hand column, then turn microphone access on.

You can screen Storymaker films on an interactive whiteboard, projector or monitor in a number of ways. One way is to connect your iPad directly to a TV or monitor and ‘mirror' the content using Apple's Digital AV adaptor and an HDMI cable, or alternatively your VGA cable connected to Apple's Lightning to VGA Adaptor. Another way to connect is by exporting your video files onto a computer (see FAQ above) with an HDMI port - such as a Macbook Pro or most modern laptops - and then connect this laptop to the screen via an HDMI cable. Apple TV users may also use AirPlay to stream wirelessly.

Once you have tapped the export icon in the gallery you will be notified that it has been saved to your device. Apple stores user-created video files under the icon called ‘Photos'. Simply come out of the app, tap ‘Photos', go to ‘Albums' and select the album called "Videos".
First, connect your iPad to the computer you want to export to via the Lightning to USB cable that came with your device. If you are using a Mac, open iPhoto or Photos to view the photos and videos from your iPad, and save them to your computer. Alternatively you could use Image Capture. If you are using a computer operating on Windows, a prompt should appear automatically asking you if you want to transfer media. Select yes, locate the files you want in the iPad's Photos folder and drag or save them to the computer.
Whilst the iPad provides the facility to share exported films, and we encourage teachers to do so within the context of a school setting, we also request that teachers do not share their films on social media networks, or on any other public platform. The exported clips are part of a digital educational resource designed exclusively for playback and presentation in the school and club environment only. The visual material and music used to create the films remains the property of the copyright holders, Magic Light Pictures/Orange Eyes Ltd, and any misuse will be considered an infringement of their intellectual property rights and removed accordingly.

If you think you've found a bug with the app, contact us with details of the bug, including the model of iPad you are using and the version of iOS. Once we have received your email, we can then add it to a list of future fixes.

You will need to have video playing software installed on your computer that supports MP4 files. We recommend downloading the latest version of QuickTime which is free for both Windows and Apple users.
The app allows you to record one voice track, so if you are unhappy with the first attempt, you will need to tap the delete icon to re-record. This also applies to the recording of multiple people or sounds you wish to layer up in your film - it will all need to be completed in one attempt.


Into Film receives funding from the British Film Institute through National Lottery funds, with additional funding gratefully received from partners including Cinema First, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Big Lottery Fund, The Backstage Trust and The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation.

Go to our contact page and select 'Press enquiry' in the subject dropdown.

Any Into Film vacancies are currently advertised through our jobs page.

For all questions concerning licensing for your club, you can visit our licensing page.

Into Film is committed to teaching young people the importance of film copyright and the value of intellectual property and you can read more about this here.

Before the Festival

It’s easy, we use an online booking system. Enter your postcode on our homepage to search for events near you, then follow the guided steps that take you through our bookings process. If you need help, please call us on 020 3194 4311.

If you were formerly an Into Film account holder without a Film Club, you will need to log out of the Into Film site and then log back in again. This will refresh your account settings and grant you access to priority bookings.

All your bookings are stored in your bookings profile log in to the website with your username and password to see a list of your confirmed bookings.

We send you an email to confirm your booking. If you do not receive this email please call us on 020 3194 4311.

We do not issue tickets; the cinema has a list of attendees and they will register your group on arrival. If you like, you can bring along your booking confirmation for reference, but this isn’t essential.

Use the postcode search function and check the results, or contact the bookings team on festival@intofilm.org or 020 3194 4311.

There are Festival resources and film guides available to help you get the most out of your cinema experience. These can be found on the specific Festival event pages or on the Into Film Resources page where you can browse for additional resources.

You can find Festival resources and film guides on the specific event page or you can visit our Into Film Resources page to browse further or search for additional resources. 

Groups are encouraged to consume packed lunches prior to or after the film screening as there will not be a dedicated place for lunch. Groups may be able to purchase additional food items direct from the host cinema if they wish.

Some of our cinema partners are offering groups the opportunity to pre-order snack boxes for their cinema screenings. Please check your specific event page to see if the cinema you are attending is offering this service.

Most Festival cinemas do not have a secure space to store personal belongings. We recommend that visitors only bring essential items that can be stored under their seat or on their lap during the screening.

There is no minimum or maximum number of visitors per group. However, most bookers bring approximately 30 attendees, plus additional accompanying teachers or adults.

Bookings are offered on a first-come, first-served basis so make sure you place your booking quickly to avoid disappointment. If a screening is full we can add you to the reservation list. To be added to the reservation list, please email festival@intofilm.org with your name, school name, contact number, event title, venue name, and how many students and teachers you’d ideally like to bring along.

If any spaces become available we’ll give you a call. Please keep checking the site as well.

Accessibility information can be found on the specific event details page, where you can make your booking. This includes availability of wheelchair access, audio-description, subtitles and autism-friendly screenings.

If one or more of your group need to book audio-description headsets please contact the cinemas directly. You can find their contact information on the event details page.

Wherever possible we will work with Group Leaders to accommodate your group’s particular requirements. 

If you need to cancel your visit, please call us as soon as possible on 020 3194 4311. Please do your best to avoid cancelling at the last minute so other groups have time to book and plan their visit – our screenings are very popular but are difficult to fill if they are not available in advance.  

On the day

The cinemas will not be able to delay the film screening due to other bookings. If you know you will be arriving after the start of the film, please call us on 020 3194 4311 immediately so we can advise the host cinema. 

Please arrive 20-30 minutes before your event starts to ensure your group are seated in time before the performance begins.

Please note there are no traditional trailers like a normal cinema screening. 

A staff member from the host cinema team will meet you on arrival.

Please make sure the behaviour of your group does not affect the enjoyment of others. Guests are reminded not to run inside the cinema or talk during the film screening. Children are to be supervised at all times.

Please note:  Whilst all venues are chosen based on their existing interest and experience in public activities and film events, we are unable to vet each individual venue. We advise all Group Leaders to become familiar with the Fire Emergency Procedures, medical procedures and facilities at your venue, so you can make provisions for your group’s needs.

You can download our Event Safety Plan for Health & Safety information and risk assessments. 

You can request further Health & Safety information about your venue in advance by calling our bookings team on 020 3194 4311, or emailing festival@intofilm.org.

Lots of our venues offer autism-friendly screenings. If you attend this type of screening:

  • The lights will be on low
  • The volume will be turned down
  • There will be no trailers at the beginning of the film
  • Audiences will be able to take their own food and drinks
  • Audiences will be able to move around the cinema freely*

* Guests are reminded not to run inside the cinema. Children are to be supervised at all times.

After the Festival

Yes! We’d love to know of any venues that you think may be suitable for 2017. This can be anywhere that has a license to screen films. Please email festival@intofilm.org with the venue details.

We welcome any feedback you have; it all helps to grow the Festival into a bigger and better experience for everybody. To give feedback, contact us on festival@intofilm.org or 020 3194 4311.

Contact us on festival@intofilm.org or 020 3194 4311 and we will be happy to help.

Film Clubs

Through Into Film Clubs, educators have the chance to provide children and young people with the opportunity for meaningful engagement with film. This includes access to thousands of films specially selected with educators in mind, together with accompanying resources, exclusive film industry opportunities and ways to get involved with programming, reporting, reviewing, and filmmaking.

Clubs are free for state-funded schools and non-school settings, such as youth clubs, cinemas and libraries. They are easy to set up and provide a flexible model that can be tailored to the social and academic needs of a pupil, and/or school or youth setting ensuring they are simple and fun to run.

To start a film club today click here

Why not open an Into Film account today to access a wide range of education resources and other parts of the Into Film offer? To create your Into Film account click here.

However, we are unable to offer you an Into Film Club as our license and funding doesn’t allow us to register DVD accounts to residential addresses.

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