Lifting the Lid on Film Industry Careers

28 Nov 2017

5 mins
Kevin Guthrie/Gavin Glendinning
Kevin Guthrie/Gavin Glendinning

To help our audience better understand the numerous and varied jobs that exist within the film industry, we've arranged to send several professional filmmakers to schools around the UK to offer insights into the film industry and explain what their jobs actually entail. 

After all, what exactly does a Development Executive do? What's the difference between a Director and an Assistant Director? How does an Actor find an agent? Who designs a film set and what is the role of the Production Manager? There are hundreds of jobs in filmmaking involving different skills, including many your students have probably never heard of. We're shining the light on the numerous career possibilities in film to show young people that you don't have to be a creative genius to find an interesting position in the film industry.

Two of our recent industry visits took place in Scotland, where actor Kevin Guthrie and Development Executive Gavin Glendinning spoke to young people, offering explanations of what their jobs entail, what their day-to-day jobs involve, and giving their tips and advice on how others might be able to follow in their footsteps.

Look out for our upcoming interviews with more film industry professionals, including a production Manager, a PreViz Supervisor, an Assistant Director, an Editor, a Production Coordinator and a Production Accountant. You can also find out more about a career in film by checking out the many careers related articles and resources on our website, including our comprehensive new visual effects (VFX) careers map.

Kevin Guthrie - Actor

Actor Kevin Guthrie spoke to students aged 11-19 alongside a screening of his film Sunshine on Leith at Sliverburn Cineworld, Glasgow. He talked inspiringly about how being dyslexic has not held him back from following his dream of becoming an actor and emphasised the importance of having confidence. Guthrie whose acting credits also include Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Dunkirk shared details of his own career path and his top tips for aspiring actors.

"In Scotland we have such a wealth of talent in a very diverse way and we continually need to engage with as many young people as we can to hear their story and make the pathway into the industry as straightforward as possible. I'm also very passionate about young people's levels of confidence - I hope that having this conversation will give young people the confidence to try something different, film or otherwise."

Listen to Kevin Guthrie In Conversation at the The Young and The Wild Youth Hub at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018 on soundcloud. Our Filmmaker Interviews and Talking Film Careers series of podcasts are also available on itunes.

Gavin Glendinning - Development Executive

Development Executive Gavin Glendinning talked to young people at Glasgow Film Theatre after a screening of his favourite film, Good Will Hunting. He explained that the role of a Development Executive is to find and develop stories and screenplays that will make good films an ideal career for someone who enjoys both reading and film. He also spoke about routes into the film industry, and his experience working as an intern for production companies.

My day is spent watching films and reading scripts - that's so rewarding. To be able to read a script that you then see as a film a year or two later is really great.

Gavin Glendinning, Development Executive

Listen to Gavin's full interview on soundcloud. Our Filmmaker Interviews and Talking Film Careers series of podcasts are also available on itunes.

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