Home Learning with Film

16 Apr 2020

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Home Learning
Home Learning

As the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation continues across the UK and schools across the nation are closed, we recognise that many parents will be looking for ways to keep their children meaningfully occupied outside of school time. This page will help you keep track of all the materials and resources we're making available for home use during this time.

Get Creative with Archive Film

Using archive film collections is a great way to encourage young people to explore both their local area and the UK's vast cultural history. Find out how you can use the BFI's Britain on Film website - which boasts a collection of thousands of beautifully preserved films capturing 120 years of Britain on film - to take part in an enriching creative writing activity.

Feel Good Films to Stream at Home

Film watching can be a great way to wind down. Films can provide comfort with familiar favourites and beloved characters, or can spark the imagination by exploring unfamiliar settings, ideas and even mystical worlds. We hope this collection of films - with five for primary and five for secondary - can provide a few hours of joy, and/or serve as an introduction to some films you may not have seen before.

Nature in your Neighbourhood Competition

We want children and young people to create a short film and use nature and their surroundings in an engaging and creative way, to capture the calmness and document something they've noticed or appreciated while spending more time in their local area. Whether it's in the garden, the local park, or even from inside the home, the natural world is all around us.

Encourage children to get creative and use their natural surroundings to make a short film, 3 mins or under in length (including titles and credits) using what equipment you have in the home. Films can be made on a mobile phone, tablet or camera, and we have a range of filmmaking resources to help support you.

Find out more and get creating today

Best Films About the Natural World to Stream at Home

Given the unusual situation that many of us find ourselves living in at the moment, it might be easy to forget that there is a whole wide world out there ripe for exploring. We've put together a collection of films - five for primary audiences, five for secondary - that we believe will serve as passionate and exciting reminders of planet Earth and how much work we have ahead of us to preserve our wonderful home.

These films are also a great source of inspiration for our Nature in your Neighbourhood competition - find out more above!

Films to Watch on TV and New Titles to Stream This Week

We're bringing you our picks for the best films showing on free-to-air television each week, as well as any especially appropriate titles added to subscription streaming services.

The page below will be updated each week, so please bookmark it and keep checking back to stay up to date with the most educationally valuable - and entertaining - films that young people can watch while at home.

Where possible, for each film we recommend, we'll also be providing any resources, behind-the-scenes videos, or other content relevant to the title to help you discuss the film afterwards, provide links to the curriculum, and ensure young people get the most of their viewing experience.

Free Activities for Young People to do at Home

We've made a number of our member-facing activities freely available to all. These activities provide help for teachers and parents by offering simple, easy and useful activities that young people can complete unaided.

These downloadable activities will support children, young people and their families to gain a fun, educational benefit from film watching, as well as helping them consider the many varied careers within the film industry.

Fifty Film Guides to Use at Home

Many of our film guides - which are designed as informal discussion prompts for after viewing a film - also feature extension activities that children and young people can take part in on their own, without the need for constant supervision. We've collected 50 film guides with extension activities to help keep young people of all ages engaged. If you're new to Into Film, you'll need to sign up for a free account and log in to download the resources.

Many of the films are titles we believe people are likely to own on DVD, but where possible, we'll also point out where some are currently available to view on streaming services.

Best Family Films to Stream at Home

We're putting together a series of recommendations for fantastic films that can be readily streamed at home for young people to enjoy. In this first edition, we've gathered together some of our favourite family films, and highlighted some reasons we believe them to be an educationally valuable watch.

While there are many fantastic titles available to view, we've attempted to highlight some of those which might not be as well-known or as oft-discussed elsewhere. We've also listed which streaming platforms the titles are available to watch on - including, where possible, any expiry dates - as well as links to any accompanying resources or other materials to help young people get the most out of their viewing experience.

Review 100 Competition

We've launched a brand new review writing competition on our social media channels to help young people flex and develop their literacy and analytical skills.

Encourage young people to write a review of any film they watch in 100 words or less. Then, simply send us a photo of their review on Twitter or Facebook, and include the entrant's age, and the winner will receive a £20 Amazon voucher. A winner will be awarded every two weeks - just remember to tag us in each post and use the hashtag #Review100.

Find out more details, including Terms & Conditions, below.

Home Educators Offer Advice on Teaching From Home

As the lockdown due to coronavirus/COVID-19 continues, we appreciate that teaching from home while you also may be working - as well as simply attempting to get dressed and have five minutes to yourself - can be a stressful juggling act. With this in mind, we reached out to some parents with prior experience of home educating their children, who have offered up some great tips to help you manage.

One Young Person's Tips for Studying at Home

Archie (aged 16) - a former Into Film young reporter, prolific film reviewer, and multiple Into Film Awards nominee - has been independently completing his studies at home for the past three years. After his mother developed a long term health issue that meant he could no longer make the 45 minute journey to school every day, Archie adapted incredibly well to his new situation, ultimately passing his GCSEs early at ages 14 and 15 and achieving exceptional marks in the process.

With the majority of schools across the UK closed at the moment due to the ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, many more young people are facing a similar challenge, which puts Archie in a unique position to impart some wisdom on how to make the most of studying from home.

Into Film's home learning activity is supported by the BFI awarding National Lottery funding.

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