Kickstart screen careers with the Into Film Awards

05 Feb 2024 in Into Film Awards

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Kickstarting screen careers with Into Film Awards
Kickstarting screen careers with Into Film Awards

There are a considerable number of roles in the screen industries where every young person's skillset can be given space to flourish. Learners can get a small sense of this by making a film for the Into Film Awards (applicable for ages 5-19).

The different roles available in the film and screen industries are numerous - it's not just about being a director! Right now, the screen industries are booming in the UK. With massive ‘skills shortages' across the industry, there is a huge need for more young people around 20,000 to 30,000 more people, in fact! We at Into Film seek to provide a bridge between the industry and the UK's emerging talent and help teachers guide pupils and students towards their dream job in the screen industries.

The upcoming Into Film Awards provide a fantastic opportunity to involve your young people in a meaningful filmmaking project that will teach them not only valuable literacy, planning, technical and teamwork skills, but will also provide insights into the careers available to them in the film and screen industries. The best way to enhance your learners' understanding of the careers available to them in the screen and film industries is to get them involved and to make a film from scratch. With 10 categories to enter, there are lots of options.

Our Ones to Watch category awards young creatives and filmmakers from across the UK who show exceptional promise and potential in filmmaking. This Award provides a stepping stone for budding filmmakers in the UK and provides young people with the confidence to pursue a career in the screen industries.

It doesn't matter who you are, what your level of education, or where you come from, there is a place for you in the screen industries. From costume design to visual effects; from accountancy to makeup; there are countless career opportunities and many varied job roles to pursue, many with accessible and achievable entry points to help you break into your preferred field.

The film and screen industries have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to break into, unless you have the requisite knowledge or an arts or film degree but this is not always the case. Less recognised is the fact that there are roles available in the screen industries that span the whole breadth of the curriculum. Whatever a young person's academic strong suit be it music, maths, science, even history there is a role in the screen industries that will help them utilise their knowledge and develop that passion.

I think what's great about Into Film is that it brings young people together to use film as a learning device and as a form of personal expression at such a young age. What is particularly great about the Into Film Awards, is that it recognises young talent and by recognising this talent, it fills young people with confidence and helps them feel that careers in the creative industries are accessible to all, despite the many difficulties people can face.

Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh, winner of Ones to Watch at the Into Film Awards 2019

The 2024 Into Film Awards will take place in the ODEON Luxe Leicester Square, with industry professionals and talent attending and on hand to celebrate our creative talent in the UK.

Being surrounded by all these inspiring filmmakers and actors will encourage me to keep on going - to not give up on my film ambitions.

Emilija Morrison, Ones to Watch winner at the Into Film Awards 2019

If filmmaking isn't your young people's forte, there are many more avenues of the film and screen industries you can encourage them to explore. In 2020, our Ones to Watch winners Leoreta and Mahek won due to their enormous achievements in the field of film programming. As well as running their own Into Film Club, they were instrumental in organising the Takeover the Future Festival, the Young Power conference and the WaterAid walk. One of our Into Film Awards 2018 Ones to Watch winners was Emily Fisher, who was nominated by her teacher for her superlative skills behind the camera.

I know I said in a BBC interview that I would be a BBC trainee Cameraperson in the near future - well that's sealed it! I have to do it now!

Emily Fisher, winner of Ones to Watch at the Into Film Awards 2018

Meanwhile, our new Filmmaking Champion category seeks to recognise and honour those individuals or groups that help support young people to find an outlet through filmmaking. These groups and individuals are instrumental in encouraging young people to pursue a career in the screen and film industries and giving them the confidence to do so.

If you've ever wondered how a film is made, or what the job roles that are key in film production are, our Who Makes a Film? Map takes you on a journey through the different departments available in film, helping you learn about the different job roles available and how they link together.

The process of filmmaking can also be a form of activism for young people. In 2020, the winners of our Audience Choice Award were Castleton Primary. Their film, It's Just Not Fair! chronicled their town's experience of food poverty, and was part of a campaign to bring a supermarket to the town. The children at Castleton Primary made their film using tablets and filled all the roles themselves, from directors to make up to sound engineers.

Although winning has been wonderful, the process and skill-based learning has been invaluable, and the children have been so socially aware in getting their message across. They just want equity for Castlemilk, so maybe now someone will listen and they will get their supermarket.

Kirstie Wilkie, Teacher at Castleton Primary School.

Do you want to help guide your pupils and students towards a career in the film & screen industries?

Explore how each subject in the school curriculum matches a job role in the industry, including through art and design, design and technology, science, geography, P.E, maths and english/literacy.

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