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Shine a Light on LGBTQ+ Stories with Into Film+

February marks LGBT+ History Month, and film is the perfect medium to help you explore this topic in the classroom. Into Film+ is a free* streaming service created specifically for UK schools, and features many titles focusing on LGBTQ+ themes, with many of them featuring exclusive bonus extras. Not only that, but Into Film also has a raft of curriculum-linked educational resources to help you delve into and celebrate LGBT+ History Month.

This comes at a pivotal time for LGBTQ+ issues within education. Whilst the subject is now integral to the curriculum as part of Relationships Education for primary learners, and Sex and Relationships Education for secondary ones, recent research from LGBT+ charity Just Like Us found that only a third of teachers felt 'completely comfortable’ teaching the subject, and one in five actively felt ‘uncomfortable’. Meanwhile, a poll of secondary students from the same charity found that nearly half of young people had received little or no positive messaging at school about being LGBT+ in the past 12 months.

"Showing young people LGBTQ+ films and media in the classroom is only going to create a more positive and open environment for self-exploration and self-expression. If my teachers had access to and utilised the resources and films that are on offer, I probably would've had better mental health, greater understanding of myself, and I wouldn't have had to hide myself around peers who don't understand what it means to be LGBTQ+.

- Ben Hodge, Young Filmmaker, One Year

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Passionate about LGBTQ+ Issues

At Into Film we truly believe in the use of film as a powerful educational tool. Film can tell stories from today, tomorrow, or years ago - or transport real world issues to fantastical settings. Film can creatively convey infinite narratives, providing depth of meaning to important topics; it gives people a voice, and can empower others to drive change.

Our aim this LGBT+ History Month is not only to educate and inspire young people across the UK - those who fall under the LGBTQ+ banner and those who do not - but to also instigate and normalise peer-to-peer discussion around LGTQ+ issues, not only throughout February, but every day.

Great Films, Expert Insights

The films that we're highlighting cover themes such as gender identity and representation, gender reassignment, gay and lesbian rights, discrimination, coming out and self and social acceptance. Each is paired with an accompanying curriculum-linked film guide to help highlight the film's topics and spark discussion.

We've teamed up with individuals from across and within the LGBTQ+ community, as well as experts from well-known LGBTQ+ organisations including Stonewall, Brook and The Terrence Higgins Trust, to create brand new video extras for a selection of our LGBTQ+ titles. The selected films feature exclusive bonus content that offers expert knowledge and informed opinions to help you bring these LGBTQ+ stories to life.

We've also worked closely with Iris Prize to produce a collaborative educational resource, focusing on five short films with themes of trans issues and inclusion, all of which have featured in the Iris Film Festival, and are now available to stream on Into Film+. Short films are a great way of using film in the classroom when you don’t have the time to watch a full-length feature.

Encourage conversations about what it means to be LGBTQ+ or what self-expression and understanding looks like, and it will really create a more understanding, inclusive community within the school environment.

Ben Hodge, Young Filmmaker, 'One Year'
Love, Simon - Filmbankmedia

Love, Simon (12)

'Love, Simon' on Into Film+ is accompanied by videos from LGBTQ+ rights charity Stonewall, discussing the themes of the film. You’ll also find videos from Into Film young reporters exploring the themes of friendship and coming out, and the film as a book adaptation.

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Pride - Filmbankmedia

Pride (15)

Set in 1984, Pride follows a group of gay rights activists who offer their support to striking miners, and on Into Film+ is supported by a videos from Into Film's Curation experts looking at themes of community, LGBT history, and more.

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Philadelphia - Filmbankmedia

Philadelphia (12)

Philadelphia is a legal drama that explores the AIDS crisis, and on Into Film+ includes an exclusive Q&A on misinformation around the subject of HIV/AIDS with The Terrence Higgins Trust.

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Tomboy - Filmbankmedia

Tomboy (U)

[11:06] Alex Mullane So we happy with this?Tomboy sees a youngster named Laure move to a new neighbourhood in Paris, where they begin to explore gender fluidity, going instead by the name Mickaël and learning to navigate their new identity around others.

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Pariah - Filmbankmedia

Pariah (15)

Pariah is a film about a Black teenager juggling conflicting identities and risking all in a desperate search for sexual expression. Pariah on Into Film+ includes a special introduction and deeper exploration of the film’s themes from leading sexual health charity Brook.

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Tangerine Image 2

Tangerine (15)

Tangerine, shot exclusively on an iPhone, is an extraordinary piece of filmmaking that tells the story of LA-based transgender street worker as they try to track down their errant boyfriend. This is a low-budget film with a lot of humour and a touching message.

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All About My Mother - Filmbankmedia

All About My Mother (15)

All About My Mother is a superb foreign language film that follows Manuela, a mother who decides to relocate to Barcelona after her son's sudden death, and sets out to look for her son's father, who has since transitioned.

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The Imitation Game - Filmbankmedia

The Imitation Game (12)

The Imitation Game tells the story of British mathematician Alan Turing, who was instrumental in cracking Nazi codes during WWII, but was later cruelly prosecuted because of his sexual identity.

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Tokyo Godfathers - Filmbankmedia

Tokyo Godfathers (12)

Tokyo Godfathers is a Japanese anime that explores gender identity from an Eastern perspective, as a middle-aged alcoholic, a teenage runaway and a former drag queen make up a trio of homeless people surviving as a makeshift family on the streets of Tokyo.

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1 Year - Film of the Month August 2019

One Year

One Year is an inspiring youth-made short by Ben Hodge; a documentary made about his own personal experience of transitioning. One Year won Best Documentary at the 2020 Into Film Awards.

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* Screenings for an entertainment or extra-curricular purpose require a PVS (Public Video Screening) Licence from Filmbankmedia. State-funded schools in England are covered by the PVS Licence.