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Experience the journey of a lifetime with Migration: Habitat Heroes

To celebrate the release of Migration, arriving in cinemas February 2, Into Film, Universal Pictures and Illumination invite you and your pupils to soar with a new learning adventure.

Our free two-lesson sequence draws on Migration’s themes to support learning objectives across science, geography, art & design, PSHE, citizenship and English/literacy. Like the film’s feathered family, pupils aged 6-12 will be immersed in an epic journey that’ll encourage their imaginations to take flight. 

Expand horizons with the heroes of Universal Pictures and Illumination’s animated adventure

Following the migrating Mallard family as they wing their way South for the winter, Migration is an exciting adventure about learning to thrive rather than just survive. Protective papa Mack (Kumail Nanjiani) likes to keep his family safe in their parkland pond. His wife Pam (Elizabeth Banks) and their daring ducklings, however, are keen to take to the skies. They convince Mack to fly the nest, and as the family embark on new adventures, they show him that leaving his comfort zone leads to growth and fresh joy. Through the Mallard family and the friends they meet along the way, Migration celebrates how support networks help us be brave in the face of new experiences. 

Migration: Habitat Heroes will plunge pupils into the wonders of wildlife. Activities explore habitats, migration and biodiversity, allowing learners to reflect on venturing outside of their comfort zone.


About the resource

Migration: Habitat Heroes engages learners with the awe-inspiring natural world and the vibrancy of urban wildlife. The resource includes:

2 x PowerPoint presentations 

2 x Lesson Plans

Teaching Notes 

Activity and home learning sheets

Competition sheet

Complementary printed packs, including exclusive materials, are only available to the first 250 schools to sign up. Each pack contains:

140 x Habitat Helpers competition sheets

60 x Migration origami sheets

10 x Habitat Hero stickers 

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Enter your habitat heroes in our competition for a chance to win a Conservation Kit worth £140 for their school – providing everything they need to turn a corner of their school grounds into a haven for wildlife. The winner will also receive an exciting Migration merchandise pack

In Migration, the Mallard family learn the hard way that the city poses many threats to wildlife. Our Habitat Helpers competition challenges your pupils to come up with a habitat, initiative or invention that helps wildlife stay safe within the urban environment.

Enter your pupils ahead of the closing date of Friday 1 March 2024Terms and conditions apply.

About Migration

This February, Illumination, creators of the blockbuster Minions, Despicable Me, Sing and The Secret Life of Pets comedies, invites you to take flight into the thrill of the unknown with a funny, feathered family vacation like no other in the action-packed new original comedy, Migration.

The Mallard family is in a bit of rut. While dad Mack is content to keep his family safe paddling around their New England pond forever, mum Pam is eager to shake things up and show their kids—teen son Dax and duckling daughter Gwen—the whole wide world. After a migrating duck family alights on their pond with thrilling tales of far-flung places, Pam persuades Mack to embark on a family trip, via New York City, to tropical Jamaica.

As the Mallards make their way South for the winter, their well-laid plans quickly go awry. The experience will inspire them to expand their horizons, open themselves up to new friends and accomplish more than they ever thought possible, while teaching them more about each other—and themselves—than they ever imagined.


Benjamin Renner


Awkwafina, Elizabeth Banks, Kumail Nanjiani, Danny DeVito, Mark Ruffalo


Chris Meledandri


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Adventure takes flight. Arriving in cinemas February 2.This resource has been commissioned by Universal Pictures and Illumination to support the release of Migration