Your Club, Your Way: Filmmaking

First Steps Filmmaking
First Steps Filmmaking


All ages


Long (12 plus activities)


England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Filmmaking is an engaging technique for teaching your learners topics and skills and this resource will help you to take your members on the exciting journey to make their own short film. By watching several youth-made short live action films and completing engaging activities, they'll learn to plan their story, character and setting. This resource will show the key areas to consider when creating a film and teach learners how to edit and evaluate their work. Throughout
this resource there are references made to Into Film's mini-filmmaking guides. We would recommend reading the Introduction to Mini Filmmaking Guides available here and go through the activities with your group as preparation for starting this module. They can be downloaded from https://www.intofilm. org/films/filmmaking.

Your Club Your Way encourages you as teachers, educators or parents to run a school film club in whatever way works best for you and your school. You can run your club as a breakfast, lunch or after-school club. However, a film club does not always have to be an extra-curricular activity, and Your Club Your Way resources support you to work with film and filmmaking as an innovative way to deliver the curriculum during lesson time. The Your Club Your Way: SEN/ASN Inclusion, Stop Motion Animation, and Literacy resources are also available.

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Your Club, Your Way: Filmmaking

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