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Doc Academy Launches on Into Film

Into Film and Doc Academy are proud to announce a brand new partnership that will see Doc Academy's range of fantastic educational resources on documentary films made available via Into Film.

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Why Use Documentary Film?

Documentary film can contribute to young people's educational development and their understanding of the world. Embedding the use of documentary film in teaching and learning can help develop critical and independent thinking in young people, and can be used across a range of curriculum subjects.

Documentary is particularly effective at engaging pupils across a wide spectrum of ability; a widely accessible stimulus that can truly challenge and unite a classroom of students.

Working with a documentary as a primary text or learning resource helps teachers develop in young people critical and independent thinking.

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More About Doc Academy

Doc Academy is the schools programme of Doc Society, providing free, easy-to-use resources for secondary school teachers around award-winning documentary film. These resources are now available via Into Film through a new partnership between the two organisations.

Each resource consists of a unit's worth of lessons based around short clips of award-winning documentary film. The resources include a broad range of exercises that develop key literacy skills, starting points for classroom discussion, and imaginative work extensions beyond the classroom.

How to Use Doc Academy Resources

The lesson plans make it easy to integrate clips into existing lessons or help you create new ones. No-one knows what will work best for your class better than you. The clips and exercises are designed to be used flexibly and interchangeably.

  • Use clips and scenes from the films to open up class-wide discussion
  • As stimulus for roleplay and debate
  • To prompt writing, speaking and listening exercises
  • To introduce a new subject, concept or perspective

Clips in the Classroom

Clips from feature-length films can be used to introduce new subjects, illustrate ideas or spark debate in the classroom. Use this dynamic and engaging teaching method to develop key skills in Secondary students, equipping them with the empathy, understanding and agency to navigate some of the most pressing issues of our time. Students respond powerfully to real life stories and positive role models, learning through identification with others' stories.

He Named Me Malala - Doc Academy - Lesson 1

Action Toolkits

Doc Academy's Action Toolkits - available for Exodus, He Named Me Malala and Thank You for the Rain - aim to provide a framework to inspire and support young people to take action about the things they care about.

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