If there's a question you'd like to ask Into Film, first take a look at our frequently asked questions.

About Into Film

Into Film is an education charity that puts film at the heart of children and young people's educational, cultural and personal development.    

Over two thirds of UK schools engage with our programme of Into Film Clubs, special cinema screenings, and resources and training to support classroom teaching. Alongside rich online content for young audiences, this provides 5-19 year olds with inspiring opportunities to learn about and with film, and develop a passion for cinema.

Into Film's work is supported principally by the BFI through the National Lottery, and by the film industry through Cinema First.

Find out more about our UK-wide programme.

Into Film’s work is supported principally by the BFI through the National Lottery, and by the film industry through Cinema First.

Yes, Into Film is funded to work across all four nations of the UK and has offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh. The Into Film Club offer is the same in each nation, however broader work e.g. resources and CPD is tailored to the educational priorities in each country. Find out more about our programmes in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

 Yes. Into Film is a trading name of Film Nation UK, registered charity number 1154030.

Into Film offers the opportunity to use film as a powerful tool for learning both in the classroom and in out of school settings such as youth clubs, community groups and libraries. Educators can set up their own film club, giving young people the opportunity to watch, discuss and review a huge range of films, as well as guidance to introduce filmmaking. Into Film also provides access to free curriculum-focused resources, training and CPD, and exceptional access to film industry experts.

Find out more about how Into Film can be used to support your work.

How do I get involved?

If you are based in the UK and you work with young people aged 5-19, you are eligible to participate in Into Film activities such as downloading our resources or attending the Into Film Festival.

To be eligible to start your own free Into Film Club you must work with young people aged 5-19 in a state-funded school or college, or in a youth organisation, cinema, or other arts setting.

Non-state-funded schools can start Into Film Clubs, but an annual fee will apply. Email support@intofilm.org for further details.

If you are a parent or home educator who wants to start an Into Film Club, you will need access to a school or public setting (as above) to host sessions. Email support@intofilm.org for further details.

Find out more about starting an Into Film Club.

Registering for an Into Film Account is quick and easy to do. Click on 'Create an Account' in the top right-hand corner of this page and complete the short form. You'll receive a registration email from us asking you to verify your email address. Simply click on the link within to complete your registration.

When you register for an Into Film Account, you will be asked to provide your organisation details. When filling this in, make sure that you use the toggle to indicate that you would like to start an Into Film Club as well. 

If you already have an Into Film Account, simply log in and visit the Into Film Clubs homepage, click the 'Start your free Into Film Club' button, and provide your organisation details from here.

Once complete, you’ll have full access to the Into Film Clubs section of the website, where you can manage your club, create a watchlist, and see what films your club members have wishlisted.

Once complete, you’ll have full access to the Into Film Clubs section of the website, where you can manage your club, create a watch list, and see what films your club members have wish listed.

Using film in a classroom to assist with teaching does not require a licence, however, all other screenings - be they in an Into Film Club, after school, or non-curriculum setting - do require a public video screening licence (PVSL).

For further information visit our Licence page.

First, ask your club leader for your club code, then enter the code by visiting the Clubs homepage and clicking 'Join Here' on the ‘19 or Under?’ panel. Enter your details to create your account. If your club leader has already created an account for you, just log in with the details they've given you.

To become a co-leader of an existing Into Film Club, you will need to ask a current club leader to add you to the club account. To do this, they can visit the 'Leader' tab on the 'Manage Members' section of their 'Manage Club' page. From here they can contact the Into Film team to add a new club leader.

Aside from joining an Into Film Club, where you can enter our weekly Review of the Week competition, there are a number of other ways that young people can get involved. Anyone can enter our annual Into Film Awards or the ongoing Film of the Month competition to showcase the films they've made and win great prizes.

We also have an exciting Young Reporter Programme where budding film journalists can interview big-screen talent, and a Youth Advisory Council where young people help shape the work Into Film does. Keep an eye on the website to find out when recruitment for these great programmes open!

We also have our very own Twitter and Instagram for young people, sharing all the latest videos and interviews from the world of film.

Yes - we welcome article contributions from associated organisations, educators and club leaders, as well as any young people who might want to write for us.

We'd be delighted to hear about your ideas - please email us here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer payment for article submissions.

The Into Film catalogue

The Into Film catalogue is a curated collection of films for schools and Into Film Clubs to utilise, many of which are available to stream as part of our Into Film+ streaming service. Due to licencing, the catalogue contains many films that aren’t currently available to stream, but these titles can still be reviewed and rated by club members.

When selecting films to include on our catalogue, we seek out content that will benefit educators in formal and informal learning environments, selecting titles that link to aspects of the curriculum as well as other key areas of a young person’s social and cultural development. We also provide guidance around age suitability, potentially distressing content, appropriate contextualisation, and suggested areas for discussion both before and after a screening.

As well as seeking to encourage a love of cinema in all its forms, our curation policy stems from a firm belief in the unique power of film to generate empathy. We choose films that we believe will have the most educational, social, and cultural value for children and young people, bearing in mind that every young person’s experiences of cinema and film will vary widely. For many young audiences, Into Film provides them with their first real exposure to film of any sort, whilst others are well on their way to becoming critics and curators of the future.

We therefore select films that will engage the least to the most dedicated young film fan, acknowledging and celebrating popular mainstream contemporary films, but paying equal attention to stories from and about under-represented groups/voices, world and independent cinema, and emerging young filmmaking talent, as well as key areas of global film history.

We particularly focus on child and youth-centred stories, looking for films that present the world from a child's perspective or explore the lives of children and young people, both locally and globally. We seek out titles that tackle universal themes and issues that children and young people can relate to and identify with, giving extra focus to films that engage with issues around young people’s wellbeing, and environmental sustainability.

We represent, reflect and celebrate the diversity of our young audience by selecting and highlighting films whose themes, story, world and characters explore the perspectives of under-represented groups and champion new and unique voices. We give extra attention to specialised* content, to broaden a child or young person's understanding of film as a medium, and ensure they are encouraged to discover films that represent diverse cultures, opinions and communities made by filmmakers with their own styles of storytelling and filmmaking.

* British film, archive/classic film, foreign language film with subtitles, documentaries, artist's film/experimenta, and short film

An 'unclassified' film is one that has not been certified by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). This usually means European or international films that our curation team have acquired direct from their country of origin, specifically for the Into Film catalogue. As such, these films may not have been through the BBFC process. In these cases, use the ‘Engaging for’ age rating set by our curation team as a guide as to whether a film will be suitable for your club members.

This is the recommended age range our curation team suggests is best for a film according to its tone and content. In some cases the curation team set a film below or above the film’s official certificate. For instance, we may suggest that a 12 certificate film is more engaging for those aged 16+ due to our professional view that the film’s content is too complex for a younger audience.

Please note that these are just recommended age ranges, and we encourage you to refer to the BBFC for further guidance.

There are various reasons why you may not be able to find the film you are looking for:

  • The film has not been released in the UK on DVD. In some cases, a film may be released in the cinema in the UK, but not released on DVD
  • We do not have the rights from the film's distributor to add the film to our catalogue
  • The film is an 18 certificate. Our catalogue only includes films with the following certificates: U, PG, 12, 15, E (exempt from classification). We do not stock 18 rated films.

If a film is flagged as ‘not available', this means that we do not have any DVDs of this film. This could be for a number of reasons. For instance, some films are never released on DVD, but remain popular, and so we choose to keep them on the catalogue so that members can review them. 

If you're interested in a ‘not available' film, please get in touch with your account coordinator so that we can investigate individual titles further and let you know the likelihood of any stock being made available in the future.

Our film catalogue is specially selected by our curation team - we do not make every single film released available to stream. You can express interest in a film on a film page by using the 'I am interested' button. Expressing your interest in a film helps us to gauge a film's popularity. Please note that due to potential rights issues and our own internal curation processes, expressing interest in a film does not guarantee that we will be able to add that particular title to the catalogue.

Into Film Awards

The Into Film Awards is our annual competition celebrating the breadth and depth of young filmmaking talent across the UK. Featuring multiple categories, spanning filmmaking and beyond, the Awards culminate in a glittering red carpet ceremony in London. Attended by some of the biggest and best names in film - as well as our young nominees - previous attendees have included James Bond actor Daniel Craig and A United Kingdom director Amma Asante.

Check out highlights of last year's Into Film Awards ceremony.

The Into Film Awards categories are:

  • Best Animation (12 and under)
  • Best Animation (13 and over)
  • Best Live Action (12 and under)
  • Best Live Action (13 and over)
  • Best Documentary (all ages)
  • Into Film Club of the Year (12 and under)
  • Into Film Club of the Year (13 and over)
  • Educator of the Year
  • Ones to Watch
  • Review of the Year
  • Family Film of the Year

More information about the Into Film Awards

Everyone! All schools, organisations and individuals can enter the Into Film Awards.

Into Film Awards entries work in several different ways:

  • To enter a film submission, or to nominate yourself or a colleague for Educator of the Year, please register here.
  • Review of the Year is chosen from the reviews submitted to our website over the past twelve months.
  • The Family Film of the Year is voted for by young people in an online poll.
  • Our Ones to Watch winners are selected by the Into Film Awards panel.

More information about the Into Film Awards

Into Film Awards winners are chosen by an expert panel of film industry insiders who help us judge the entries. Previous judges have included foley artist Peter Burgis, casting director Lucy Bevan and actors including Matthew Rhys, Ed Skrein and Stephen Mangan.

Into Film Awards winners are chosen by an expert panel of film industry insiders who help us judge the entries. Previous judges have included foley artist Peter Burgis, casting director Lucy Bevan and actors including Matthew Rhys, Ed Skrein and Stephen Mangan.

Nominees will be invited to the Into Film Awards ceremony in London, where the winners will receive a coveted Into Film Awards stauette, presented to them personally by high profile filmmakers and screen stars. Previous hosts have included actors Eddie Redmayne and Ruth Wilson.

Our three Ones to Watch winners will also receive a special mentorship with the BFI Academy.

Educational Resources

Yes. All of our resources are completely free to download; all you need to do is sign up for an Into Film Account.

When you go to download a resource, you will either be prompted to log in or to register for an Account.

Asking users to log in to download our resources helps us to better understand our audience. We use these insights to ensure that our future resources continue to meet the needs of educators and club leaders.

We have many free to download curriculum-linked and enriching teaching resources available on the website, covering a wide range of subjects and calendar events, from e-safety and copyright to English literature, world wars, modern foreign language and anti-bullying. We also produce film guides for pre and post-screening discussions.

Resources include all four Key Stages and, following consultation with education experts in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, are tailored to support the curricula of all four nations.

Browse resources.


Filmmaking can be a powerful tool for encouraging active learning and enabling pupils to establish strong connections with any area of the curriculum, as well as with each other. We offer a number of different filmmaking opportunities for young people aged 5-19, including a series of hands-on filmmaking workshops, incentivised competitions and industry visits from professional filmmakers.

Visit our Filmmaking page.

Yes, we offer face-to-face filmmaking and animation CPD sessions for educators. All active and upcoming sessions are listed on our Training page.

We also offer a free online training course - Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom - which runs regularly throughout the year. During this course you will learn simple filmmaking and animation techniques to help bring learning to life, and aid cross-curricular attainment and assessment. You can register for this course now.

Film of the Month is our ongoing filmmaking competition, celebrating exceptional young filmmaking talent from across the UK each month. It runs throughout the year - with no deadlines - providing the opportunity for young people to see their film crowned Film of the Month.

Entries are judged by Into Film staff, members of our Youth Advisory Council and film practitioners, and are assessed on the idea, sound, story and look, as well as the technical ability on display.

View past Film of the Month winners for inspiration.


Yes, we offer free online training courses via our Learning Platform. The currently available courses are Teaching Literacy Through Film and Leading Whole School Change Through Film. We will be adding more new and exciting online learning courses soon, so be sure to check our Training page for further details.

Yes, there are a range of training opportunities available. These include Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training for teachers, film practitioners and youth leaders in basic filmmaking skills and the use of film and film-based resources in the classroom or non-school setting. These are delivered in a variety of formats including workshops, downloadable information and intensive training webcasts.

Visit our training page for more information.

Storymaker: The Gruffalo FAQs

The Into Film Storymaker: The Gruffalo Edition is an educational app intended for classroom settings only. As a way of ensuring that only educators can use the app, we have restricted the use of it to Into Film club leaders. Signing up as a leader is free for all state-funded school and non-school settings. There are also lots of other benefits to being an Into Film club leader, such as the ability to order free films from our catalogue to use in the classroom.

Find out more about clubs and register here.

Yes, the log in details may be used for as many iPads that are needed for your school. Once you have logged in once, the app will stay logged in for 30 days, after which you will be asked to log in again.
The app was built to be compatible with all iPads running iOS version 9.0 and later. For best performance, we recommend you upgrade your iOS to the latest version. To do this, tap the Settings icon, choose General in the menu, then tap "software update". On older devices (particularly those built pre-2012), app performance may be slower due to hardware limitations.
Video instructions can be watched by tapping the ‘?' icon (help) on any screen in the app. There are text-based and image-based step-by-step instructions in the accompanying teachers' resource which can be downloaded here.
If your device microphone isn't working with the app, first check that the app has permission to use the microphone. To do this, come out of the app, open the iPad settings, scroll down until you find the app in the left hand column, then turn microphone access on.

You can screen Storymaker films on an interactive whiteboard, projector or monitor in a number of ways. One way is to connect your iPad directly to a TV or monitor and ‘mirror' the content using Apple's Digital AV adaptor and an HDMI cable, or alternatively your VGA cable connected to Apple's Lightning to VGA Adaptor. Another way to connect is by exporting your video files onto a computer (see FAQ above) with an HDMI port - such as a Macbook Pro or most modern laptops - and then connect this laptop to the screen via an HDMI cable. Apple TV users may also use AirPlay to stream wirelessly.

Once you have tapped the export icon in the gallery you will be notified that it has been saved to your device. Apple stores user-created video files under the icon called ‘Photos'. Simply come out of the app, tap ‘Photos', go to ‘Albums' and select the album called "Videos".
First, connect your iPad to the computer you want to export to via the Lightning to USB cable that came with your device. If you are using a Mac, open iPhoto or Photos to view the photos and videos from your iPad, and save them to your computer. Alternatively you could use Image Capture. If you are using a computer operating on Windows, a prompt should appear automatically asking you if you want to transfer media. Select yes, locate the files you want in the iPad's Photos folder and drag or save them to the computer.
Whilst the iPad provides the facility to share exported films, and we encourage teachers to do so within the context of a school setting, we also request that teachers do not share their films on social media networks, or on any other public platform. The exported clips are part of a digital educational resource designed exclusively for playback and presentation in the school and club environment only. The visual material and music used to create the films remains the property of the copyright holders, Magic Light Pictures/Orange Eyes Ltd, and any misuse will be considered an infringement of their intellectual property rights and removed accordingly.

If you think you've found a bug with the app, contact us with details of the bug, including the model of iPad you are using and the version of iOS. Once we have received your email, we can then add it to a list of future fixes.

You will need to have video playing software installed on your computer that supports MP4 files. We recommend downloading the latest version of QuickTime which is free for both Windows and Apple users.

The app allows you to record one voice track, so if you are unhappy with the first attempt, you will need to tap the delete icon to re-record. This also applies to the recording of multiple people or sounds you wish to layer up in your film - it will all need to be completed in one attempt.

Cost & Licencing

Into Film+ is free to use for all UK state schools that hold a valid Filmbankmedia Public Video Screening (PVS) Licence.

State schools based in England are automatically covered as the PVS Licence is purchased for all schools by the Department for Education (DfE). In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for those schools without a PVS Licence, one can be purchased from £112.50 +VAT by visiting the Filmbankmedia website

The PVS Licence is an annual licence and will need to be renewed every 12 months in order to access Into Film+.

Yes, to view films on Into Film+, a Public Video Screening (PVS) Licence is required. The PVS is the only licence required to stream films on Into Film+.

State schools based in England are automatically covered as the PVS Licence is purchased for all schools by the Department for Education (DfE). In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for those schools without a PVS Licence, one can be purchased by visiting the Filmbankmedia website.

All schools need a licence such as a PVS Licence and/or a Motion Picture Licencing Company (MPLC) licence to screen filmed content (streamed or on DVD) in extra- curricular settings, such as after-school clubs, and for wet weather activities or end-of-term screenings. 

The PVS Licence is available to buy from Filmbankmedia for £112.50+VAT. Further information on licence purchasing and pricing can be found on the Filmbankmedia website.

The PVS Licence is an annual licence, and will need to be renewed every 12 months in order to access Into Film+.

Please note that once you purchase a PVS Licence, you may have to wait up to 4 business days before you will be able to access Into Film+ while your new licence is processed by Filmbankmedia.


For all state schools in England, a PVS Licence is paid-for and provided by your local authority. 

If you need your URN reference number, you can find it by visiting Get Information about Schools


For state schools in Scotland, a PVS Licence is paid-for and provided in the following local authorities: 

  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • East Ayrshire
  • Inverclyde
  • Orkney
  • South Ayrshire
  • West Dunbartonshire. 

Schools in all other local authorities in Scotland are responsible for purchasing their own PVS Licence from Filmbankmedia. 

If Filmbankmedia have confirmed that your school is not covered, please contact edinburgh@intofilm.org to see if you are eligible for bursary support to acquire a Licence.

If you need to check what your SEED number is, this can be found by visiting Education Scotland.


A PVS Licence is paid-for and provided to state schools in the following local authorities: 

  • Cardiff
  • Conwy
  • Vale of Glamorgan. 

Schools in all other local authorities in Wales are responsible for purchasing their own PVS Licence from Filmbankmedia. 

If you need your URN reference number, you can find this by visiting Get Information about Schools.

Northern Ireland (NI)

With the support of Northern Ireland Screen, Into Film NI provides a PVS Licence for a fixed number of schools within the ‘Extended Schools' programme. All other schools are responsible for purchasing their own PVS Licence from Filmbankmedia. 

For more details of PVS Licence provision for NI Extended Schools, please contact our Belfast office via intofilmni@intofilm.org

If you need your IRN (Institution Reference Number) number, it can be found by visiting DENI.

Unfortunately, we are unable to support access to Into Film+ from residential addresses.This is due to requirements set by Filmbankmedia, who provide the feature films for Into Film+, and the associated Public Video Streaming Licence required to access the streaming service. Apologies for any disappointment this causes.

We do have some short films that can be accessed from residential addresses for educational purposes. If you would like access to these please contact us.

Schools in England and Wales will need to provide their URN reference number. This can be found by visiting Get Information about Schools.

The equivalent for schools in Scotland is a SEED number. This can be found by visiting Education Scotland.

The equivalent for Northern Irish schools is an IRN (Institution Reference Number) number. This can be found by visiting DENI.

If your URN/SEED/IRN isn't recognised, this may mean that it does not match a valid licence in Filmbankmedia's records. If this is the case, you will need to purchase a licence. You will be able to continue signing up without this, but you will not be able to start an Into Film Club or stream films with Into Film+ until you have a valid licence.

No, only a PVS Licence is required to view films on Into Film+.

Some titles on Into Film+ are provided via the Educational Recording Agency (ERA), and these titles require an ERA Licence to view. The vast majority of educational establishments in the UK are already covered by an ERA Licence. You can check the ERA Licence status of your organisation here.

ERA are an organisation that support the education sector by making it easy for schools, colleges and universities to harness the power of audio-visual broadcast materials for non-commercial, educational purposes.

The maximum number of streams at one time is 10. If you are a large organisation, you will not be able to have more than 10 streams running at one time. In this instance, stop one of the streams and wait 2-3 minutes before trying again. If your organisation requires more than 10 simultaneous streams, please contact us to let us know.

Into Film+ is provided on a fair-use basis, and the number of films that can be watched is not otherwise limited or metered. However, all usage is monitored, and where excessive use of the streaming service by an individual account holder or organisation may negatively affect others' use of the service, then Into Film reserves the right to introduce restrictions to guarantee availability for all.

Independent, fee-paying schools will be able to access the service for a limited trial period, if they hold a valid PVS Licence. This trial service will transition to a paid-for service in 2022.

More details on pricing will be released in late 2021.

Yes, as long as a valid PVS Licence is in place.

Yes, schools across all four nations of the UK can access Into Film+ as long as they hold a valid PVS Licence.

All of Into Film's activity is UK-focused. If you're based outside of the UK, you can still create an Account, but many of our services will be unavailable to you. You will not be able to stream films via Into Film+, start an Into Film Club, or enter competitions.

If you choose to create an Account and grant us permission to contact you, we will be in touch to let you know if these services should ever become available internationally.

Streaming Support

An open beta is when new functionality is made available to all users, but is still in the process of being tested. The Into Film+ streaming platform is currently going through this open beta testing process.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback through the banner marked 'Beta' that appears at the top of Into Film+ web pages and to let Into Film know how the system is working and performing for them.

Into Film+ is available through the Into Film website, which is fully compatible with mobile devices. You'll need a computer, smartphone or tablet with a modern web browser and good internet connectivity to get the best experience.

Into Film+ is supported by the latest versions of these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Into Film+ will not work on:

  • IE11
  • Safari*

* We are currently experiencing an issue with the Safari browser. This issue is being worked on, and we hope will be resolved soon.

Please ensure that you're using the latest version of your chosen browser.

One of the most common issues that prevents educators from streaming on Into Film+ is that we are unable to find your organisation location through your internet browser. First of all, please make sure you are using either Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox as your browser. Internet Explorer is not supported and Into Film+ will not work if you're using this.

Before you can stream films, we need to check you are at your registered address. One of the ways we do this is by requesting location information from your web browser. 

When you attempt to stream a film, a pop-up should appear in your browser asking for permission to access your location. This prompt and its wording may differ slightly depending on your browser, but simply click ‘Allow' or ‘Allow Location Access' to share your location with us. If you are at your registered location, the film should start playing shortly afterwards.

If the pop-up does not appear and/or the film doesn't play, you may have inadvertently blocked the Into Film website (or all websites) from accessing your location, or your IT administrator may have disabled location sharing.

Please follow the steps on the Into Film+ Help Centre for further assistance, or else please consult your organisation's IT administrator.

Yes, Into Film+ is available through the Into Film website, which is fully compatible with mobile devices. You'll need a computer, smartphone or tablet with a modern web browser and good internet connectivity to get the best experience. Into Film+ can be accessed on smartphones and tablets using an installed web browser such as Safari on iOS devices or Chrome on Android devices.

No, there is no dedicated mobile app for Into Film+, but the streaming service is available through the Into Film website, which is fully compatible with smartphone and tablet devices.

For streaming on Into Film+ in high definition (HD) quality you will require a minimum download bandwidth of around 3 megabits per second (Mbps), although a download bandwidth of above 5Mbps is recommended. For streaming in standard definition (SD) quality, around 1.5Mbps is recommended.

The Into Film+ service will automatically adjust the resolution of your video image according to the available bandwidth, be please be aware that picture quality will suffer once bandwidth drops below these recommended levels.

You can use an internet speed check service to determine your download bandwidth - www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk.

You can use an internet speed check service to determine your download bandwidth - www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk.

The maximum number of streams at one time is 10. If you are a large organisation, you will not be able to have more than 10 streams running at one time. In this instance, stop one of the streams and wait 2-3 minutes before trying again. If your organisation requires more than 10 simultaneous streams, please contact us to let us know.

If you are using a mobile device which connects to the internet over a 3G, 4G or 5G wireless connection, then streaming films on Into Film+ will use your mobile data, which may be limited or carry an additional charge depending on the contract you have with your mobile network operator. If in doubt, please consult your mobile network operator before streaming.

We recommend using a wired or Wi-Fi connection for streaming when using a mobile device, although please be aware that most mobile devices will revert to using mobile data if the Wi-Fi connection drops. If this is a concern, then you should consider temporarily disabling the mobile network on your device while streaming films on Into Film+.

No, the Into Film+ service will automatically adjust the resolution of your video image to provide the best quality picture according to the available bandwidth.

No, currently Into Film+ is a streaming only service, and you cannot download films to watch offline. 

However, later in 2021 we will be adding the ability to download a film in advance, across a much lower bandwidth connection. 

After downloading a film, you will still need to be online and at your registered location in order to access the Into Film website and play films, but if you've previously downloaded the film, your playback won't suffer if your internet connectivity can't support real time streaming.

If access to particular websites from the local network/Wi-Fi at your school/organisation is controlled through a firewall, router or similar (this could be software on your computer or hardware installed on the network), then you may need to as your IT team to allow access to the following website domains for Into Film+ to work correctly:

  • https://intofilm.org
  • https://*.intofilm.org 
  • https://*.filmbankconnect.com 
  • https://*.licensekeyserver.com 
  • https://*.irdeto.com 
  • https://vimeo.com
  • https://*.vimeo.com 
  • https://*.litix.io 
  • https://www.google-analytics.com 

You can stop watching a film and return to it later, but Into Film+ will not remember your last viewing point to resume playback. Instead, please take a note of how many minutes through the film you have watched and on return simply drag the play head position in the video player to the same point. 

Playback & Content

No, you can only view content on Into Film+ when you are at the location that your PVS Licence is registered to.

If you are in your registered location and Into Film+ is unable to locate you, please try the following guides on the Into Film+ Help Centre:

There is currently no limit on how many teachers in a school can use Into Film+, as long they have each registered to use the service by holding an Into Film Account.

Please note that the maximum number of streams at one time is 10.

No, to stream films on Into Film+, all you need is an Into Film Account and a valid PVS Licence. However, the Into Film Club experience brings additional benefits, including the ability to invite young people to become club members, where they can access specific tools and resources, post film reviews, and suggest films they’d like you to stream.

No, our DVD service has now been retired.

With the launch of Into Film+, 2021 marked the first time that films on our catalogue were made accessible to stream online. This led to our DVD service being retired, which in turn removed the carbon footprint associated with warehouse storage and the sending and receiving of DVDs.

Find out more about Into Film's commitment to environmental sustainability

Unfortunately, we do not hold the streaming rights for every title available on the Into Film catalogue. However, we add further titles to Into Film+ on a regular basis, and films not currently streaming can still be reviewed and rated by club members.


No, audio description is not available on Into Film+ at this time. 

We do offer subtitled/closed captions for all Into Film+ titles. See our short guide on how to turn subtitles on.

Cinema Screenings 2022

We're delighted to be able to offer free cinema trips to all educators that are bringing groups of young people aged 5-19.

You can book as many seats as is listed for each event, which will depend on the capacity of the screen. 

 Into Film will be continuously monitoring and adhering to government and Public Health guidance regarding events, including specifications unique to each nation of the UK. 

 We will be monitoring the updates to guidance published by the government and you will be informed promptly should there be a change to your event. 

As always, the cinemas are offering their spaces and staff for free, so if you no longer require your booking, please let the bookings team know ASAP (no later than 48 hours in advance of the screening) so that we can give the venues as much notice as possible. Please email cinemabookings@intofilm.org.

Booking Places

Booking places is easy. Once bookings go live, enter your postcode on the events catalogue to search for events near you, then follow the steps that take you through the booking process. If you need help, please email cinemabookings@intofilm.org.

Bookings will open from May to July 2022 for the summer screenings.

Log in and click the ‘My Account' drop-down. You will now have a ‘My Bookings' option. Use this to view details of your booked events.

If you are on the Waiting List for an event, you will also be able to view this here.

We do not issue paper tickets; the cinema has a list of attendees and they will register your group upon arrival. You can bring along your booking confirmation for reference, but this isn't essential.

We work closely with industry supporters to deliver year-round screenings and do our best to provide UK-wide access through participating cinemas. The Summer programme is limited so there will be some areas where there may not be a venue within a realistic distance. If you find you cannot attend due to not having a screening in your area, The Into Film Festival programme will be available to book in September and will be a much larger offer.

Yes. If an event is fully booked or doesn't have enough places left for your group, simply click ‘Join Waiting List' on the page of your chosen event. A member of the team will be in touch if we are able to accommodate your group.

We cannot promise that spaces will become available, so if you want to guarantee your place please book alternative screenings that have the capacity for your group. You can also contact us at cinemabookings@intofilm.org and we can see if we can help you find an alternative option.

If you need to amend your booking for any reason, please email us cinemabookings@intofilm.org.

All Into Film's cinema events are free for educators and young people thanks to the generosity of our partners, the cinemas, and their staff. If you are unable to attend, please give us as much notice as possible so we can offer your seats to another group and minimise the costs incurred.

To cancel online, log in and click the ‘My Account' drop-down. You will see a ‘My Bookings' option. Here you will see your booked events and a ‘Cancel Booking' button that you can use.

Unfortunately, if the event you wish to cancel is due to take place in less than 48 hours, it is too late to cancel your booking online. Please email us at cinemabookings@intofilm.org for help.

Attending events and screenings

We do understand that sometimes, for reasons beyond control, you may be unable to attend an event you have booked. However, if you do not give us prior notice of this, you may be liable for a charge up to £100.

If you are running late on the day of an event, please email us at cinemabookings@intofilm.org, so that we can advise the host venue. Please be aware that, unfortunately, it is unlikely we will be able to delay the event due to fixed schedules.

The film will begin at the listed start time, with no traditional trailers prior to the screening. If your event includes a speaker or workshop, this will have been factored into the time listed. Please arrive 30 minutes before the screening start time, so your group can be seated together and to avoid disrupting others. Unfortunately, we cannot delay screenings for late arrivals.

Groups are encouraged to consume packed lunches prior to, or after, the film screening, as there will be no dedicated place for lunch. Groups may be able to purchase additional food items direct from the host cinema if they wish.

Into Film may record and/or photograph events during events for repurposing on our website, social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), YouTube and Vimeo channels, and educational materials. Where this is taking place, we will use notices to make people aware that we are recording and to allow the chance to opt-out of any recording or photography.

In return for access to the event, you irrevocably consent to any such filming, photography, and/or live streaming and to Into Film reproducing and publishing your words and/or likeness in any transcript of or publication relating to the event and/or for the purposes of publicising the services of Into Film and its partners. Where filming is taking place, we will use notices to make people aware that we are recording and to allow them the chance to avoid the cameras.

Events and screenings accessibility

Accessibility information for each event can be found on the event page itself, where you make your booking. This includes availability of wheelchair access, audio-description, subtitles and autism-friendly screenings.

If one or more of your group need to book audio-description headsets, please contact the cinema directly. You can also find their contact information on the event details page.

Wherever possible, we will work with group leaders to accommodate your group’s requirements.

Lots of our venues offer autism-friendly screenings. If you attend this type of screening:

  • The lights will be on low
  • The volume will be turned down
  • There will be no trailers at the beginning of the film
  • Audiences will be able to take their own food and drinks
  • Audiences will be able to move around the cinema freely*

* Guests are reminded not to run inside the cinema. Children are to be supervised at all times.

If you have booked to attend an audio-described screening and need headsets, please contact the venue directly to reserve the number you require. You will find contact details on the event page.

Into Film Festival

The Into Film Festival is the world's largest free film and education event for young people, each year presenting 3,000 free cinema screenings, and showcasing over 140 films at more than 600 venues across the UK.  

After sadly having to cancel the 2020 Into Film Festival due to COVID-19, we are looking to be back this year with a whole host of exciting and education-packed screenings across the UK for 5-19 year olds. 

Due to the ongoing considerations regarding COVID-19, the 2021 Festival will be different from previous years, however we're confident that even at a smaller scale, this year's Into Film Festival will be the celebration of cinema and culture we've all been eagerly awaiting, with lots of exciting new film titles.

We're delighted to be able to offer places at this years Into Film Festival to educators that are bringing groups of young people aged 5-19. And places are entirely free.

Into Film Clubs get 24-hour priority booking for the Festival, but you don't need to be a club leader to book.

Aside from the Into Film Festival each November, we regularly host free screenings and events throughout the year, all across the UK.

Keep an eye on our Events page to find out what's taking place near you.

After the event

We welcome any feedback you have, as it helps improve events and screenings for everybody

To give feedback, please contact cinemabookings@intofilm.org. We will also be emailing out a link to a survey about your experience at the Summer Screenings shortly after all of the events have taken place.

Yes! We'd love to know of any venues that you think maybe suitable for Into Film events & screenings. This can be anywhere that has a license to screen films.

Please email cinemabookings@intofilm.org with the venue details.

There are lots of ways Into Film can help you to utilise film in the classroom; supporting you in improving young people's educational, cultural and personal development:

What Happened to the DVD Service?

With the launch of Into Film+, 2021 marked the first time that films on our catalogue were made accessible to stream online. This led to our DVD service being retired, which in turn removed the carbon footprint associated with warehouse storage and the sending and receiving of DVDs.

The Into Film+ streaming service is free to access for all UK state schools that hold a valid Public Video Screening (PVS) Licence. All state schools in England already have a PVS Licence.

Unfortunately, we do not hold the streaming rights for every title available on the Into Film catalogue. However, we add further titles to Into Film+ on a regular basis, and films not currently streaming can still be reviewed and rated by club members.

Our DVD service has now been retired. If you still have Into Film DVDs at your school, please do not return them to us. Feel free to do with them as you wish.

Club Leader Administration

To sign your members up to your film club so they can log in and write reviews, you need your unique club code, which you can find on your club page by clicking on Manage My Club. NB: You will need to be logged in to see these pages. The club code itself will always begin with CC and can be found on the top of your Club Profile when you are logged in.When your members have the club code they will need to go to the Log In button and enter the code in the field marked 'Got a Club Code?'

If you'd like to take a look at what your club members see when they log in, we advise you to create a 'dummy' club member for yourself.

Go to the Manage Members section of your Manage Club page. From here you can add a new club member. Simply add yourself as a club member, and then log in with your new details to browse the club member section of the site.

Ordering from the film catalogue

If your film club takes place in a non-school setting (library, youth club or cinema) you are not permitted to screen 20th Century Fox titles as part of your film club sessions. This is a restriction placed on the non-school settings by the distributor. If you would like to check if this restriction applies to your film club please contact the Into Film Team.

Yes, as long as the film can be found on the Into Film catalogue. If the film is not on the our catalogue, then you do not have the rights to screen that title in your film club.

Online Training

Into Film’s Learning Platform offers free online training courses which will help you in your continued professional development, facilitating the use of film in the classroom to support the curriculum. Each course is separated into several modules to make the courses more manageable and can be completed in your own time.

Visit the Training section of the Into Film website and use the filters to find online training options. Browse the courses and pick the right training for you. Once you’ve selected a course and logged in (or created an account) you’ll be taken to the Learning Platform, where you’ll be able to enrol and begin your course.

Yes, for those in the UK, all our online training courses are completely free.

Courses you’re currently enrolled on can be found under the My Courses and Modules section of the main menu on the left-hand side of any Learning Platform page. You can also access your courses and modules via your homepage. You can find your homepage from any page by clicking the Into Film Learning Platform logo at the top left corner.

You can see your progress on the My Activities section of the main menu on the left-hand side of any Learning Platform page. Here you will find a dashboard of stats and graphs charting your learning progression.

The Learning Platform is accessed using your regular Into Film Account. Once logged in (using the login button at the top right), head to the Training section and you will be able to access the Learning Platform.

If you don’t yet have an Into Film Account, you will be directed to create one upon selecting a course.


When you enroll to a webinar, you will receive a notification in the Learning Platform stating you've successfully enrolled. Notifications can be found at the top right-hand corner by selecting the ‘bell' icon. New notifications are indicated by a red circle.

After you have enrolled on a webinar, it will appear in your ‘My Courses and Modules’ feed (accessed via the Menu button in the top left corner of the Learning Platform). From here, select the webinar you have enrolled on, and you will see the session you will be attending.

Click on the session and it will expand to reveal further information and a button to ‘Join the webinar’. This button will launch the webinar in a new window and will only be available from 30 minutes before the session start time. You will be taken to the webinar’s waiting room until the host begins.

If a password is required for your webinar, this will be emailed to you before the webinar begins. 

For the best experience, we recommend using the latest versions of major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, we are not able to support Internet Explorer at this time. 

We recommend using the Into Film Learning Platform on desktop devices. 

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