Online Safety (Laptop)
Online Safety (Laptop)

The Internet is an exciting and integral part of the modern world, and can be an exceptional tool for learning. However, using the Internet is also fraught with risk, and keeping children safe when they're online and/or using social media platforms is of paramount importance. Whether it's dealing with online bullying or trolls, protecting personal data, or avoiding viruses and inappropriate or illegal materials, we strongly believe that promoting Internet safety is crucial in helping young people protect themselves online.

Into Film works with educators to incorporate Internet safety themes and resources in schools, and we have a long-standing relationship with Childnet, who work directly with children and young people - as well as parents, carers, teachers and professionals - to equip them with the resources and information they need to keep the online experience a safe one for all. Their work with children, educators, parents and carers helps to inform how we develop and respond our own programme of Internet safety activities.

Online Safety Resources

Each year we collaborate with Childnet to promote their annual Safer Internet Day activity. Watch the video below to hear Childnet CEO Will Gardner speaking about the importance of online safety, and the way film can be a fantastic tool to help impart lessons about using the Internet safely.

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