At Into Film we are committed to making our websites and mobile applications accessible, in accordance with The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 No.952. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. We are currently working on reviewing the accessibility on the website and improving it.

For information on how to make your device easier to use if you have a disability please visit AbilityNet.

Website Accessibility

How do I move around the site without using a mouse?

You can use the Tab key to move between links and between sections of a form. Holding down the Shift key and pressing Tab will move you back up the page. You can use the Return/Enter key to follow a link or to select an option in a form. The Up and Down keys allow you to select options from drop-down menus. 

How do I open your PDF files?

Many of our film education resources are in the PDF format. To open our PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this program, you can download it for free from Adobe.

Screenings and Venue

Accessible Screenings

We endeavour to make all of our events and screenings - including those as part of the Into Film Festival - as accessible as possible to everyone. This includes striving to ensure the availability of wheelchair access, audio-description, subtitles and autism-friendly screenings.

Autism Friendly Screenings

Lots of the venues we use offer autism-friendly screenings, which take the following measures:

  • The lights will be on low
  • The volume will be turned down
  • There will be no trailers at the beginning of the film
  • Audiences will be able to take their own food and drinks
  • Audiences will be able to move around the cinema freely

Accessibility Terms

Audio Description (AD)

Audio description is an additional audio track in a media player that provides a verbal description of visual elements, actions, and other important details to assist individuals with visual impairments in understanding the content of videos or other multimedia presentations.

Audio Loop System

An Audio Loop System in theatre is a hearing assistance technology that uses magnetic induction to transmit audio directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants equipped with telecoil receivers, improving sound clarity and accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments in theatrical settings.

Autism Friendly

An autism-friendly venue refers to a space that is intentionally designed and adapted to accommodate individuals on the autism spectrum. It provides a supportive environment by minimizing sensory stimuli, offering sensory-friendly features, and implementing inclusive practises to ensure comfort, accessibility, and enjoyment for individuals with autism.

Closed Captions (CC)

Closed captions are synchronised text descriptions of the audio content in a media player. They enable individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to read the dialogue, sounds, and other auditory elements of videos, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

Subtitles (HOH)

HOH subtitles, also known as "Hard of Hearing" subtitles, are text-based rendering of spoken dialogue and audio elements in videos or multimedia. They serve individuals with hearing impairments or those in noise-sensitive environments, providing a visual representation of audio content to ensure inclusive access to information and communication.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access signifies the availability of wheelchair-accessible facilities and accommodations at the venue.It indicates that the venue has provisions such as accessible seating, ramps, and other features to ensure ease of access and inclusion for individuals using wheelchairs.

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