Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council session
Youth Advisory Council session

Children and young people are at the heart of our work - they even helped us decide on our name and logo back when we first became Into Film.

To ensure young people's opinions and voices are heard we established the Into Film Youth Advisory Council (YAC) where passionate young people aged between 10 and 18 years old come together to provide feedback on everything from our film catalogue, to teaching resources and competitions, through to the Into Film Festival. In addition to this, we aim to upskill and inspire the young people involved by giving them opportunities to learn about the international, national and regional film industry and the career opportunities available within film.

Young people taking part experience other positive benefits such as greater confidence with public speaking and information sharing skills, teamwork and independence. Skills that have helped them with their CV and university applications.

Do not be intimidated because everyone is in the exact same position as you are. It's really inspiring to be a part of something like this. This is great way to learn more about the film industry.

Sean (14), Youth Advisory Council Member

The UK Council is made up of 5 regional Councils to ensure we have representation from across the UK. They meet three times during the year, once per academic term. The travel costs to attend all meetings for both young person and an accompanying adult chaperone are covered by Into Film.

*Please note - we will be assessing the arrangements around face to face meetings as we plan for these events and will be planning alternative online provision where required. Recruited YAC members will be kept fully informed by their Into Film contacts.

Each regional Council offer a placement for 1 academic year with the option of staying on for an additional academic year at the end of the first year, making it an optional overall placement of 2 academic years.

The 5 regions:

  • England North and Midlands based in Salford and covering areas: The North and Midlands of England
  • England South - based in London and covering South East and South West England
  • Wales based in Cardiff and covering all of Wales
  • Scotland based in Edinburgh and covering all of Scotland.
  • Northern Ireland based in Belfast and covering all of Northern Ireland.

We recognise the positive value of diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination. As such, we welcome and encourage applications from young people of all backgrounds. 

*Please note that on the application, the equal opportunities form will be kept separate from the rest of the application form so as to not influence our selection decisions.

Applications for our Youth Advisory Council will reopen in Spring 2021 and you can email to be kept in the loop on any further updates.