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Use Film to support SEND learning

At Into Film, we understand that every learner across the UK has different educational needs and requirements, and we always seek to ensure that we cater for all those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Additional Support Needs (ASN) or Additional Learning Needs (ALN).

Film can be a highly effective tool in helping those with SEND to better understand, not only curriculum-linked and academic topics, but also the wider world around them. We offer a wide variety of feature length and short films that are available to stream for free* with Into Film+, including those with visually captivating narratives and fascinating uses of sound and colour that can be particularly engaging for young audiences with learning disabilities.

Two of the films - Home and A Monster Calls - include new film guides that have specifically been made for SEND students with the input of experts.

Support young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Schools that cater to young people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) have particularly found that learning through film can help students that struggle with traditional learning methods and environments find a more accessible route into the curriculum. This can not only improve attainment but help increase confidence and social skills as well. 

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Engage Learners with Review Writing and Animation

When watching films for a social or educational purpose, animation can be particularly effective as both a practical activity and for communicating new ideas to SEND learners of any age. Reviewing films - whether in writing, orally or even through pictures and symbols - is also often cited by educators as a strong means of engaging SEND learners and developing their confidence in sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Our collection of SEND-focused films, resources and articles can help you ensure that the power of film reaches all young people, regardless of ability or requirement.

Home - Filmbankmedia

Home (U)

One of our most popular and accessible titles, 'Home' is a brightly coloured film that nevertheless does not overwhelm children with sensory issues. The major theme finds the lead character coming to understand that being different and making mistakes is all part of being human.

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A Monster Calls (Filmbankmedia)

A Monster Calls (12)

A film focused on a young boy struggling to come to terms with his mother’s illness and being bullied in school. Highlights the importance of fantasy as escapism and does not talk down to its audience, rather inviting them to share the protagonist's feelings in a way that suits them.

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The Polar Express - Filmbankmedia

The Polar Express (U)

A unique animation that uses motion capture technology to tell a very peculiar and unique story of Christmas. We've seen at screenings that SEND audiences love this film due to its distinctive style and idiosyncratic narrative structure.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Miles' Spider Sense (Filmbankmedia)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Offers similar benefits to the films above, but with incredibly recognisable branding for older students and a truly incredible animation style that gets all audiences engrossed in the story. Currently our most popular secondary title on Into Film+.

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How Does Into Film+ Work?

To access Into Film+ you'll need an Into Film Account – it's completely free, and only takes a moment to set up.

You’ll also need a PVS (Public Video Screening) Licence, which can be easily obtained from if you don’t already have one.

* Screenings for an entertainment or extra-curricular purpose require a PVS (Public Video Screening) Licence from Filmbankmedia. State-funded schools in England are covered by the PVS Licence.