Elise, age 11, on the Into Film Awards

Rainbow Collective / Bell Gardens Animation Club, Peckham, London | Winner of Best Animation and Audience Choice Award

Winners of Best Animation and the Audience Choice Award
Winners of Best Animation and the Audience Choice Award

We were inspired to make this film because some of us have been bullied for using food banks. People shouldn't have to feel scared to use a food bank just because they are poor and can't afford to buy things.

This was the first time I made a film. It took about nine months. We made the characters using clay, mixing clay together to get different skin tones, and we made the background using cardboard and acrylic. We used an iPhone and an app called 'the stop motion studio' where you take a picture and move the characters very slightly until you have a smooth scene where the characters are moving. It takes half an hour to make one five to ten second scene.

They see people using food banks and being bullied for it. The Into Film Awards enabled them to highlight these issues and be heard. They've seen that what they create can make an impact nationally.

Hannan Majid, Director, Rainbow Collective

Before I made the film I found it hard to work with other people. This has taught me to trust and work with other people without feeling self-conscious. It made me think I could help other children who use food banks.

Winning the Award for Best Animation felt amazing and scary at the same time as I normally feel nervous around people I don't know. I always dreamed of meeting celebrities - at the Into Film Awards it came true. Then Bell Gardens Animation Club made history by winning a second award. I felt really happy I'd achieved something so big and so rare.

Winning these two awards has been a huge boost to the young filmmakers and to the whole community. At a young age these children have become ambassadors for social justice through their animations.

Hannan Majid, Director, Rainbow Collective

I would love to use what I've learned to make more films in future. We're working on two films at the moment - one about bullying because lots of children in our local area are being bullied and are scared to go to the park, and another one about knife crime because there are loads of knife crimes and we want to try and stop them.

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