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are free for state-funded schools and non-school settings, such as youth clubs and libraries.

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What makes an Into Film Club?

Club leader

Club leader

You can become an Into Film Club leader if you are an educator, youth leader, teaching assistant, parent, or librarian working in a state funded school or youth group setting.

You'll receive support from the Into Film Team throughout your film club journey, from set-up and streaming films to engaging club members.

You'll have everything you need to make your Into Film Club a success, including materials, resources and training opportunities.

Is an Into Film CLub for me?
Young people

Young people

Being involved with an Into Film Club is hugely beneficial for both educators and young people between the ages of 5-19. With a range of incentives, materials, competitions and rewards, Into Film Clubs provide an exciting, safe and comfortable environment for young people to grow, gain confidence, enjoy school more and better engage with the curriculum. Our resources can help with day-to-day learning and development, allowing educators to create an Into Film Club that will appeal to all ages and abilities.

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Club venue


An Into Film Club venue can be a classroom, school hall, youth club or library. All you'll need is a screen and an internet connection to stream Into Film+ on, and a Public Video Screening Licence for your organisation. Running an Into Film Club in a regular, communal setting inspires a love of film in young people, and an enthusiasm for discovery. It's not just a place for learning, but to make friendships too.

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Watch or make films

Watch or make film

Stream specially selected films instantly on Into Film+, many of which feature exclusive bonus content. Titles include blockbusters, new releases, classics, foreign language film and documentaries, all chosen to help increase young people's cultural awareness and understanding of new ideas and concepts.

Make your own films using our suite of filmmaking resources and access to training. You can even inspire your club members to get involved by entering our Film of the Month competition.

How do Into Film Clubs work?
Discuss and review films

Discuss & Review Films

Discuss and review films using our resources, which pair the extraordinary medium of film with activities to use in your classroom or Into Film Club, including PowerPoint presentations with embedded clips, and worksheets.

Visit our Review Writing page, and motivate your club members to get involved with our ongoing Review 500 competition.

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Into Film clubs

Into Film Club

Ready to get started?

Into Film Clubs are a fun, simple and valuable way to engage young people, and are FREE for all state funded schools* and not-for-profit youth organisations.**

Into Film Clubs is available to private/independent schools for an annual fee. Contact us for more information.

** Home Educators that can group together and host a film club at a local venue are also eligible to join as a not-for-profit youth organisation. Contact us for more information.

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What do I get from my Into Film Club?

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  • 1 Film Catalogue Stream films instantly with Into Film+, and enjoy exclusive bonus extras with many titles.
  • 2 Resources and Tools Educational resources and tools to stimulate engagement, discussion, learning and review.
  • 3 Into Film Support Support from the Into Film Team, including training and development opportunities.
  • 4 Exclusive Events Exclusive events, including Into Film Festival: the world's largest youth film festival.
  • 5 Activities for Young People A range of competitions and materials for young people to get involved with.
  • 6 Filmmaking Youth-focused filmmaking activities that develop a range of skills.

Why set up an Into Film Club?



of film club leaders say their club members enjoy school more and engage better with the curriculum.


Imagination and Creativity

of film club leaders say that using film has improved young people’s imagination and creativity.


Speaking and Listening

of film club leaders say Into Film Clubs has improved speaking, listening, discussion and social skills.

Experience film as you never have before.

Useful information

How Do Into Film Clubs Work? header

How do Into Film Clubs work?

Learn how to kick-start your Into Film Club.

Film In a Day, Torrington (Filmmaking)


Find out everything you need to know about teaching young people to make films.

Review 500

Review 500 Winners

Inspire young people to enter our ongoing review writing competition.

Do I Need a Licence?

Do I Need a Licence?

Check the licensing regulations before screening a film.

Into Film Young Reporter Alumni

"Into Film opens doors - if you've been a young reporter, employers take you seriously."

- Ogo, Into Film Young Reporter Alumni
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