Education Ambassador Nick Smith

Teacher at Downend School in Bristol, England

Teacher at Downend School in Bristol
Teacher at Downend School in Bristol

The most important part of being an Education Ambassador for Into Film is the ability to share, learn and be inspired by others. I'm always invigorated by the exciting ways that film is used within education and how the experienced professionals at Into Film are able to help make our ideas reality.

Feedback is a core part of the role, allowing one access to so many practical ideas and insights from people who really understand the challenges and realities of education. It has often made me reflect upon our common experience within education but also shown me that imagination, enthusiasm and some good contacts can get you a long way.

Into Film gives you the key to open a door to the creative industries and access to inspiring projects, people and resources. The ambassador role has added a new and very inspiring aspect to my life, and as a real film nerd, fed my passion.

Education Ambassador, Nick Smith

It's really exciting being given access to such a variety of organisations that are very keen to work with schools, colleges and universities, and learning how I can better communicate with these partners, access funding and create productive partnerships in communities.

Some examples of how I've put this collaborative spirit into action include receiving direct insights from The London Film School, partnering with local schools to create short films around community history projects and a variety more events, film seasons and collaborations with arts organisations. On a personal level, I am now also a member of the Bristol Cultural Education Partnership, which gives me the opportunity to promote Into Film and our film related projects to the wider community.

Watching a film on a big screen together is a powerful and unique experience, and its ability to spark debate, stir the imagination and lead people into further research and reflection makes it a powerful medium in education. Making films, learning from the creative industries and working with a variety of community and national arts organisations allows our students a chance to learn about themselves and develop skills both emotionally and practically.

The Into Film team are a brilliant, dedicated group of people who have helped me so many times to 'make stuff happen' and given our students access to events and activities (leading a number of students to go on to film school). Film can be a powerful component of so many school activities and adding exciting components from the Into Film offer only builds and reinforces positive outcomes.

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