Wonder Park

In cinemas April 8

Subject links

  • Literacy
  • Design and Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Science

For ages

  • 7–11
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To celebrate the upcoming release of Paramount's magical new animation, Wonder Park on April 8, we've created a brand-new resource to get students aged 7-11 engaged in science, design & technology, maths, and more. 


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Over four lessons, our Wonder Park: Imagination and Invention resource will explore the engineering feats that go into building a theme park, introducing concepts such as push and pull, gravity, friction, and size of forces. Developed with support from the Royal Academy of Engineering, the resource will take one of the most exciting things for a young person theme parks and use that excitement to enhance their knowledge and skills across STEM and other curriculum areas.

Wonder Park follows a young girl named June, who once spent many happy hours imagining and designing a theme park called Wonderland, filled with fantastical rides and populated with talking animals. Older and wiser, June has lost her sense of imagination… until she stumbles upon a hidden path in the woods and finds that her own private theme park has magically come to life! 

Students will put their learning into practise and, much like June in Wonder Park, create their own rollercoasters, to be combined into a class-designed theme park of their own! 


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You can also enter our Wonder Park competition by asking students to design a logo for their new theme park, including aspects of how the park reflects their personality and imagination, with five Wonder Park goodie bags up for grabs! The deadline for entries is 10 May. 


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About this film

10-year-old June grew up as a marvellously imaginative girl, spending her childhood drawing and constructing an amusement park called Wonderland with the help from her mother and her friends. After her mother falls sick, June loses all sense of her inventiveness and creativity until she finds the real Wonderland in the middle of the woods. This park is run by a variety of talking animals but is slowly degrading and becoming derelict. June must team up with her new ragtag group of friends to save the park from being destroyed by the villainous Chimpanzombies in this sweet animated tale about overcoming grief and celebrating creativity in any form.


David Feiss


Matthew Broderick, Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, Ken Jeong, Mila Kunis, John Oliver, Joe Sugg, Keenan Thompson


PG Classification