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Into Film Clubs
Into Film Clubs

Into Film puts film at the heart of 3 million children and young people's life and learning every year.

Supported by some of the biggest names from behind and in front of the camera, we are a passionate team of education and film industry experts, delivering trusted learning resources directly into classrooms across the UK.

Our free national programme includes Into Film+, our new film streaming service designed specifically for UK schools, our network of Into Film Clubs, cinema screenings (including the annual Into Film Festival) and our annual Into Film Awards, all of which inspire dynamic ways of learning with and about film and reaching the widest possible young audience.

In addition, our filmmaking projects give young people a voice and a chance to tell and share their own stories about the subjects they care about - from climate change to mental health and wellbeing - providing a unique insight into the younger generation.

Why Partner with Into Film?

Into Film aims to build creative, innovative and rewarding relationships with corporate and film industry partners.

We provide a unique, trusted platform to reach young audiences through schools, Into Film Clubs, families and customers through shared messaging and engaging content, whilst using the power of film to reach, teach and uplift young lives.

Whether you join our influential list of sponsors at the Into Film Awards, partner with us to co-create themed filmmaking projects, or work with our team to market your latest release or amplify your brand campaigns to schools, we can help you achieve your business objectives and extend your messaging.

And at the same time make a real difference to young lives across the UK.

If you want to be part of something unique new and exciting, please get in touch.

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

Into Film+ 

Alignment with ‘themed channels' on our new streaming platform, putting your brand into thousands of classrooms, reaching the schools audience with campaigns, sponsorships and tailored marketing packages. These can include sponsored breakfast clubs, lunchtime and afterschool programming, as well as alignment to strands on themes such as sustainability and diversity.

Into Film Festival

Partnership opportunities with the world's biggest film festival for young people, which has welcomed nearly three million 5-19-year olds to cinemas over the last seven years. The Into Film Festival takes place across the UK every November and boasts 3,000 free screenings and special events in 600 cinemas for up to half a million 5-19 years-olds.

Into Film Awards

Our annual star-studded celebration of young people's creativity with film has been supported by the cream of the film industry through the high profile talent hosting and presenting awards, and through our Awards sponsors, who over the years have included Netflix, Universal, Sony, Working Title, and IMDb.

Held at the iconic ODEON Luxe Leicester Square - and with highlights broadcast on Sky One - the Into Film Awards is the perfect way to align your brand with youth voice, creativity and the film industry.

Successful Partnerships 


Working with professional mentors, our unique filmmaking programmes enable skills transfer at the highest level, together with other skills and attributes that support future employability including communication, confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork. We work with our partners to align the theme with business or CSR focus and create a personalised activation plan, i.e. sustainability, mental health and wellbeing, or diversity.

Moving Minds

Our two Moving Minds filmmaking projects were developed in partnership with ICAP Charity Day as part of their CSR focus on youth mental health and future careers.

300 young people aged 11-19 from schools, youth groups and NHS services have worked with professional filmmakers to devise and create short films exploring mental health. The project has enabled the young participants to build their own resilience and to advocate the importance of talking about wellbeing to others, with the resulting films and resources being shared nationally as part of PHSE and mental health awareness weeks.

"With an ever-increasing mental health crisis among children and young people, ICAP Charity Day is very proud to work with Into Film and the development of Moving Minds, providing effective ways for schools and support organisations to open conversations around mental health through innovative filmmaking, and ultimately helping more young people with their mental health." - Tina Christou, Global Director, ICAP Charity Day

Into Film Moving Minds Report 2018

Into Film Moving Minds Report 2018

Read this report now.

Size: 18mb

Moving Minds 2 Evaluation Report

Moving Minds 2 Evaluation Report

A report into the second edition of our Moving Minds filmmaking project.

Size: 3.9mb

Future Storytellers 

The Future Storytellers filmmaking project was supported by Goldman Sachs, who worked with two groups of primary aged-children, including those with characteristics of, or a diagnosis of, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Guided by professional animators, they created films that playfully explore, through their own words and pictures, the challenges that young people with ADHD have staying focused when their minds and bodies just want to move on. The films and resource support developing understanding and friendships.

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