The Imitation Game - Old Colwyn

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The Imitation Game
The Imitation Game

Event Date

Fri 15 Feb 2019

Event Time

13:00 - 15:10


TAPE Community Arts Centre,
Berthes Road,
Old Colwyn,
LL29 9SD


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Recommended Age Group


Curriculum Subject/s

  • Citizenship
  • History
  • Human Rights
  • Information Computing Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Personal
  • PSHE Education
  • Twentieth Century
  • United Kingdom
  • World History


  • Wheelchair friendly
    Wheelchair Access

WHAT: Into Film is proud to present an educational screening of The Imititation Game as part of our LGBT History Month programme showcasing LGBTQ+ cinema.

WHEN: Friday 15 February, 1pm - 15.10pm (the film will start promptly at 1.15pm)

WHERE: TAPE Community Arts Centre, Berthes Road , Old Colwyn, LL29 9SD


*Educators must ensure they book tickets for themselves as well as students. On the order form, please indicate how many young people and how many adults will attend out of the total amount of tickets you have booked.*


We look forward to seeing you at the screening!

Please contact with any queries.


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Event has happened

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Film title

The Imitation Game


When Britain declares war on Nazi Germany in 1939, brilliant British mathematician Alan Turing becomes part of the team responsible for decoding messages they have intercepted from the Nazis, who are using the formidable Enigma machine to hide their plans. Desperate to figure out how to break their code, Turing begins to develop his own complex computer and assembles a team of mathematicians and scientists who could potentially turn the tide and win the war. Also considering Turing’s repressed sexuality and difficult personality, The Imitation Game is an historical drama that highlights the importance of maths and science in the real world.

Contains moderate sex references and mild and discriminatory language.


Morten Tyldum



Country of Production

Britain / USA


  • Biopics
  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • War Films




109 minutes

Venue name

TAPE Community Arts Centre


Berthes Road,
Old Colwyn,
LL29 9SD