How to Find all films Streaming on Into Film+

If you're just looking for films to stream on Into Film+, and aren't interested in films available to order on DVD, then you can easily use the website filters or the sort by option.

Follow the short guide below.

1. Make your way to the film catalogue and use the 'Filter' button.

The film catalogue as viewed on a laptop

2. When you hit 'Filter', a drop-down with various filters will appear. Scroll down to the filter called 'Film Format' and then select the 'Streaming' option.

Filters on the film catalogue shown on a laptop

3. You will see that the catalogue will now display all the films available to stream on Into Film+.

Another option is to select the 'Sort By' button (next to the 'Filter' button) and chose 'Sort By: Streamed Films'. This will rearrange the catalogue to display all streamable films at at the top.

Films available to stream in the film catalogue on a laptop

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