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Inspiring Young Filmmakers Through Film Literacy

Jessica, Key Stage 2 Pupil, St Anne's Primary School

Our class began Full STEAM Ahead in September 2017. I think I've always loved literacy, it's my favourite lesson. I think film really has extended my vocabulary, helped me with writing stories and taught me how to add colour to sentences.

We watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and that was really fun, and impressed me how they did the special effects. My best friend's dad, Mr. Tommy Hassan, is a camera man, and he is amazing at editing and filming! He came into school to show us how to use a camera, because he knew we were studying film. I used to think I would love to be an actor (I don't want to do anything that's not drama), but now I honestly think I'd love to be director because I could make worlds come true. People could fly, mice could swim, anything could happen.

"I think film has made me think about how the world could be different."

Jessica, Key Stage 2 Pupil

I think film has made me think about how the world could be different. If I was a director I'd have the power to make skies brighten, lightning flash, people laugh and cry and talk in your world. Seeing your world come to life. Letting people catch a glimpse of your imagination. I'm not sure how strange this sounds, but sometimes I imagine myself in a film. In Maths I can almost see the numbers jumping around the page, different jobs and characters and personalities. I can even picture them having musical numbers! 

Five of my favourite films I've watched in class are:

  • Alma (tiny bit disturbing - not too much though), 
  • Wings
  • Skittles 
  • Midas Touch 
  • Partly Cloudy

I have so much to say about my enjoyment of the project, but I think I could sum it up in "I love this."

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