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Careers in Film - Primary

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This resource supports primary teachers in developing pupils' awareness of the film industry and the wide variety of interesting careers that are open to them. Exploring inspiring careers in Foley sound effects, make-up, costume designing, editing and more, learners will be able to appreciate the broad range of talent that goes into making a film and bringing it to the screen. The activities are accompanied by a quiz, film clips, behind the scenes videos, curriculum links and activity sheets, and require pupils to tap into a vast array of creative, communication and teamwork skills. The resource is most suitable for young people aged 7-11 and can be used in any educational setting across the UK.

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1 March - 6 March

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Film for Learning

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What our Project Coordinator says

"It’s been amazing to see teachers grow in confidence and develop a creative approach to the curriculum using film. I’ve seen teachers begin this project with no prior experience in using film literacy or curricular filmmaking, to having just delivered their own CPD session to their staff in these areas."

- Nichola Clarke, Teacher Development Project Coordinator, Into Film, Belfast