Film Studies

La La Land
La La Land

At Into Film, we're firm believers that film can be a powerful tool for engaging with the curriculum across all areas of learning, but there's perhaps no subject more immediately appropriate than film studies.

To support those educators teaching film studies at GCSE and A level, we've assembled several comprehensive lists of films that support the syllabus and are available to stream with Into Film+.

Using Into Film+ is the best way to access these films legally in the classroom, and combined with our highlights and playlists features, give you an easy and flexible way to approach the titles you're teaching.

The syllabus titles on our lists are correct as of July 2023 for the 23/24 academic year and will be updated whenever relevant. All titles listed have accompanying film guides to help generate further discussion.

Film Studies resources

The first in our new series of resources focuses on British filmmaker and musician Andrew Onwubolu MBE, and is suitable for GCSE or A-level film studies or moving image arts students.

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