A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood leads this week's new releases

30 Jan 2020 in New Releases

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Fred Rogers was one of America's most beloved television personalities, bringing joy to generations of children across the country with his kind and gentle approach to the world around him. This film, based on a magazine article written in 1998, follows Lloyd Vogel, a cynical and jaded investigative journalist who has just become a father. 

When Lloyd is tasked with profiling Mr. Rogers for an article, he initially views the assignment as a fluff piece and struggles to believe that anyone can be so optimistic and caring. However, as the two men get to know each other, Mr. Rogers altruistic nature pushes Lloyd to reckon with his painful past. Tom Hanks gives a charming performance in this engaging and sweet story of fatherhood, empathy and maturity.

Also out in cinemas this week

Richard Jewell; Queen & Slim

Two films that showcase the breadth of Americana arrive in cinemas this week, beginning with Richard Jewell, a dramatic retelling of a true story that occurred during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. When a security guard discovers a bomb threat and evacuates the area, saving hundreds of lives, he is shocked to then find himself the prime suspect in the case, having to defend himself from both the FBI and the media. 

Queen & Slim comes along to tell a story that is both steeped in American history along with being incredibly contemporary. It tells the story of a young Black man and woman who meet on a dating app and begin to fall for each other only to have their night, and lives, derailed when they have to defend themselves from a threatening police officer. This beautifully shot drama explores racial and class issues in modern America as well as celebrating African-American culture

New to DVD this week

Ad Astra

In the near future, experienced but stoic astronaut Roy McBride is informed that a recent electrical surge from across the universe may be linked in some way to his father, who went missing during a space expedition 30 years prior. 

Agreeing to assist the government in locating and sending a message to his father, who may or may not be alive, McBride begins a perilous journey across the unforgiving solar system to save the planet from destruction whilst attaining closure for his own turbulent past. Magnificently shot and dripping with atmosphere, this heady science fiction film deals with themes of family, masculinity and space exploration.

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