BFI announces BFI2022 - its five-year strategy for UK film

29 Nov 2016

2 mins
Group of children watching films in a club
Group of children watching films in a club

At an event in Birmingham today BFI Chair Josh Berger and BFI CEO Amanda Nevill launched BFI2022 - a new five-year strategic plan for UK film. BFI2022 builds on the foundations laid by Film Forever, to create the conditions for a vibrant, national film culture in which independent film is widely enjoyed, as part of a thriving and diverse UK film industry, equipped to meet the rapid changes in the film landscape.

BFI2022 outlines how the BFI will continue to focus on audiences and culture, supporting film education and skills development and backing exciting new filmmaking.

Into Film CEO Paul Reeve has responded to the announcement:

We are very pleased that education is a central pillar of the BFI's new five-year strategy and that Into Film will be a key partner in its implementation through continued support for our programme with 5-19 year-olds and their teachers.

We share the BFI's belief that all children and young people should receive opportunities within their learning to watch, make and understand film. This ambition lies at the heart of Into Film's mission and programme: from clubs to work with film in the classroom to film screenings.

We look forward to continuing to provide experiences that contribute to the cultural, creative, academic and social development of hundreds of thousands of children and young people across the UK.

- Paul Reeve, Chief Executive, Into Film

Our aim is to find, educate and support the very best talent, give them the skills, tools and creative freedom needed to tell their stories, and make sure as many people as possible can enjoy and be inspired by those stories on the big screen, the small screen and even the screen in their pocket.

Josh Berger, BFI Chair

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