Young people vote 'Paddington 2' top film to see this Christmas

15 Dec 2017

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Paddington 2 Image 3
Paddington 2 Image 3

Everyone's favourite marmalade loving bear has topped the charts again as Paddington 2 takes the lead as the number one Christmas film to watch at the cinema over the festive period, as voted by a panel of young film reviewers. 

We asked our Youth Advisory Council and Young Reporters - in total, a group consisting of over 120 young people aged 10-18 from across the UK - to compile a Top 10 recommended list of the films to catch on the big screen this Christmas.

Unquestionably, Paddington 2 continues to delight with its themes of community, family and multiculturalism, while anti-bullying drama Wonder - an adaptation of R.J. Palacio's novel of the same name - came in at number two on the list. With its positive messages around kindness and empathy, Wonder sees a boy starting to attend school after previously staying home due to a facial disfigurement.

Other films making up the list included The Man Who Invented Christmas, which explores how Charles Dickens overcame writer's block to write A Christmas Carol, forever changing the way we celebrate Christmas in the process, and Ferdinand (in cinemas from 16 December), a Spanish-set animation about a bull with a big heart, which also incorporates ideas around anti-bullying and being true to yourself.

Top 10 films to see on the big screen this Christmas

  1. Paddington 2 (PG, out now) - Best for heart-warming fun

"It's the perfect feel good film to bring the family together over the holidays" - Eve, 16

2. Wonder (PG, out now) - Best for positive messages 

"It is an inspirational film and makes you think about your behaviour towards people who look different" - Brodie, 11 

"It shows you that you must always be YOURSELF and that no-one is perfect in this world." - Lexi, 10

3. The Greatest Showman (PG, out Boxing Day) - Best for fabulous spectacle

"It's just a classic feel good film" - Eli, 15 

"A musically driven masterpiece" - Daniella, 17 

4. Thor: Ragnarok (12A, out now) - Best for laughs and fantasy 

"Amazing action sequences and those witty one liners Marvel is known for" - Eve, 17

5. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (12A, out 20 December) - Best for action

"Jumanji feels fresh and a little different to other sci-fi, superhero blockbusters currently gracing our screens" - Alexa, 17

6. The Man Who Invented Christmas (PG, out now) - Best for seasonal goodwill

"A Christmas gem, Dickens-style" - Joe, 14

7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (12A, out now) - Best for sci-fi 

"Because the last one made me full of suspense and ended on such a cliff hanger" - Rashaan, 13

8. Pitch Perfect 3 (12A, out 20 December) - Best for great musical numbers

"The perfect non Christmas, Christmas movie" - Eve, 17

9. Ferdinand (U, out 16 December) - Best animation for small children

"Loved all the characters, such a fun film that shows you should never judge people on how they look" - Jackson, 11

10. Lu Over the Wall (PG, out now) - Best for magical creatures and unusual friendships 

"I love Japanese animation, this one is a beautiful story about a mermaid in a magical world" - Celeste, 10

Many of these films were previewed at our recent Into Film Festival, which proved to be our most successful Festival to date, providing 485,000 young people with access to free cinema tickets to ensure that young people who may not have the opportunity to visit a cinema get the opportunity to appreciate the big screen experience.

Phil Clapp, Chief Executive of the UK Cinema Association said: "Going to the cinema is one of the UK's favourite cultural experiences and today is more accessible to more people than ever. We're proud to support the work of Into Film as they encourage film appreciation and storytelling from a young age, making going to the cinema an important educational experience. Hundreds of cinemas provide discounted family friendly screenings, making it an easy way to entertain and inspire young minds at any time of the year."

Film and the cinema experience helps children and young people to explore and develop a broader understanding of the world around them, supports the learning of curriculum-linked themes and improves literacy and well-being.

Michael Sheen, Actor and Into Film Ambassador: "Film can play a really important role in the development of children and young people. Through film young people can broaden their horizons, be inspired to recognise their potential and tell their own stories so the rest of the world may one day hear them."

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