Into Film and Coram Shakespeare launch new teaching resource

16 Oct 2020

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Into Film and Coram Shakespeare new teaching resource
Into Film and Coram Shakespeare new teaching resource

In partnership with Coram Shakespeare for Schools, we have just launched a brand new teaching resource, Filming Shakespeare, which encourages young people to discover a wealth of filmmaking skills in order to produce their own film adaptation of Shakespeare plays.

Showing pupils how to discover Shakespeare in an immersive and personal way can be one of the most rewarding ways to instil confidence, resilience and ambition in young people. Check out all that the resource can offer below.

Through workshops, rehearsals and performances of an abridged Shakespeare play, young people have fun, communicate and work together. This new resource is just the starting point and more in-depth resources to support the viewing of Shakespeare adaptations and filmmaking activities can be explored for schools and pupils of all ages on the Into Film Shakespeare theme page.

The personal benefits of performing a Shakespeare play were recognised by 14-year-old Kabeera, who took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival last year. Kabeera cited that performing Shakespeare was an outlet for her and her classmates to address issues of racism and gang violence that they've experienced in their community. Their production of Othello was presented in a way that was meaningful to them and Kabeera describes how the experience enabled her to overcome personal challenges and aspire to a brighter future.

I have suffered trauma in my life. I have panic attacks. I was having a panic attack before I went on stage but I did my best to push through it and perform anyway. It felt like a real achievement. When I'm older, I'd like to be a doctor. I want something different from the destructive lifestyles I see around me. There is so much more out there.

Kabeera, 14

Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation is an education charity that hosts one of the world's largest drama festivals, giving thousands of young people in the UK access to a cultural education experience to instill curiosity and empathy, aspiration and self-esteem, literacy and teamwork - giving young people the confidence to see that all the world is their stage.

With most theatres still closed, Coram Shakespeare have just launched their live-streamed Festival event for schools, and they continue to raise funds to support their work with children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

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