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04 Oct 2022

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Full STEAM Ahead filmmaking 2
Full STEAM Ahead filmmaking 2

We're delighted to announce Curricular Film of the Month - a brand new ongoing competition that's designed to celebrate the films made to support curriculum learning in classrooms and educational settings across the UK. 

Our regular Film of the Month competition has been running successfully for years now, highlighting the filmmaking talent and incredible creativity of young people in the UK, but it has become apparent that a new competition was needed to celebrate a different but equally important kind of filmmaking.

As well as a fun, creative activity, filmmaking can also be a tremendous method of engaging with the curriculum, and while films that result from curricular learning may not have a home in regular filmmaking competitions, we're keen to shine a light on them and showcase the way learning comes to life through film.

What is curricular filmmaking?

Curricular Filmmaking is a versatile filmmaking activity that's rooted in a curriculum objective. As a unique way to engage students in their studies, filmmaking encourages pupils to actively embed themselves in their learning, with space to research and explore topics, and giving them a way to enhance their understanding in a creative way. Visit our brand new curricular filmmaking page to find supporting materials and to watch some great example films.

Competition guidelines

Curricular Film of the Month is open to all educators across the UK that are teaching groups aged 5-19 in any subject. Your film can be about any topic you like, as long as it was created to support curriculum learning. Entries are judged by Into Film staff, and guest judges, and are assessed on the teaching and learning, idea, story and look, as well as the creative ability on display.

Each term, one winning film will be selected and the young filmmakers will receive an Into Film goody bag, have their film showcased on the Into Film Shorts YouTube channel, and be interviewed for a news article on the Into Film website.

Visit the Curricular Film of the Month competition page for full details and to enter your films!

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