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29 Sep 2014 BY Bethany

3 mins
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On Saturday the 20th September 2014 I had the amazing opportunity to go to Encounters Short Film Festival (located in the heart of Bristol at the Watershed) and attend The Children's Award Screening on Into Film's behalf. They have also given me the delightful task of not only reviewing the films, but the day at the festival as a whole. So, without further ado, here is what I thought of Encounters Short Film Festival.

The most important thing in the film festival - no, that's not me. Or the complimentary lanyard you get at the end. Even though both those things are pretty darn important. It is, of course, the short films. There were films of all genres. Comedy, tragedy, adventure, animation, stop-motion - you name it. Some of the people sitting in the cinema even helped out with some of the films. If you asked me to pick a favourite, I honestly would abstain because all of the films were so creative one way or another.

There was animation, such as my favourite 'Frenemies' which was about a cat and a dog exchanging voices due to a storm which was really funny, and the real life 'Ravi & Jane', which told the story of a boy and a girl in Australia, but the boy ended up being deported with his family, which was sad. The dinosaur one was like an expensive movie and was quite long, whereas others were only a few minutes! It was interesting to watch all the different stories. I enjoyed them as sometimes I find films too long. I'd recommend the festival as it's different to anything I'd ever done before. Whoever you are, I think you would probably enjoy a bit, if not a lot, of this experience. 

Thanks for reading this report. It may not seem a lot of work for you to read something a kid wrote, but it helps me pursue my lifelong (11.5 years is a life, but not a long one) dream of becoming a journalist. So to close this report, I'd like to thank Into Film, the Watershed and you, the reader, for making this a reality.

I'm Bethany. Thanks for reading.

Young Reporter Bethany

Bethany, Young Reporter

Hello! I'm Bethany, I'm 12 years old and a student at Budehaven Community School. Writing about film is my escape from reality and I think Despicable Me is amazing!

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