Hidden Heroes by Brady Arts Centre is August's Film of the Month

26 Aug 2015

5 mins
Hidden Heroes by Brady Arts Centre is August's Film of the Month

Our Film of the Month winners for August are Brady Arts Centre, from Tower Hamlets, London, for their superb animation Hidden Heroes.

Following on from last month's utterly charming winner How Much Change?, our triumphant film this month is a piece that's as significant for its message as it is for its accomplished animation.

Very original (untold) story, beautifully crafted set design.

Into Film judge Arzzita Nash, Partnerships Assistant

Hidden Heroes highlights several untold stories relating to World War One, namely the incredible journey that letters to the front line had to go on to reach their destination, and perhaps more significantly, the fact that there were over 1.5 million fighters recruited from India to help in the war effort. Despite this, their contribution is often overlooked, especially in modern media depictions of the war, making Hidden Heroes an important piece of work, as well a strikingly handsome one.

Made by Yusuf, Precious, Shaleen, Ersan and Ben at Brady Arts Centre, under the supervision of the centre's Canan Salih, Geraldine Bone and filmmaker Nigel Kellaway, we spoke to the group about their reactions to winning. "It feels pretty amazing", said Yusuf. "We've now won three awards from the film [The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund Rising Stars / Cutting It Short Award 2015, and the Limelight Award 2015 for Best Animation]. I honestly didn't think that we would win anything, so it is pretty fantastic."

And what inspired the group? "I think the whole concept of being able to make an art piece that can not only be shown to an audience at an event, but can be passed on to people, like on a CD or DVD, and can be seen at anytime and can still allow people to be entertained." And the reason for their success? "I would say that if you want to make a film you need good support, people who can help you shape the piece and keep you on track. That's what we get at the Brady Arts Centre."

Chosen as the winner out of a shortlist of six fantastic films, Hidden Heroes will now be showcased to over 300,000 film club members online and on our Into Film YouTube channel, plus the makers have bagged themselves a 100 Amazon voucher and an Into Film goodie bag.

If you've been inspired by Hidden Heroes, find out how you can enter our ongoing Film of the Month competition here.

An informative and really well-animated film with a great selection of music and narrative that enhanced the theme. I liked the different camera shots and the use of dim lighting and colours to capture the sombre mood. A really unique way of telling an unknown war story with a professional feel to it!

Into Film judge Tarah Patel, Programme Coordinator

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