High School thriller Psychosis is September's Film of the Month

30 Sep 2015

9 mins
High School thriller Psychosis is September's Film of the Month

Recommended for 14+ for brief strong violence and infrequent use of strong language.

We're delighted to announce that this month's Film of the Month winner is the thrilling drama Psychosis, by Wales High School student Bethany, from Sheffield.

This month's film was entered by teacher Liam Sanders on behalf of his multi-talented student Bethany (aged 18), who took the on the role of writer, director, producer, and editor to create the thrilling High School drama Psychosis.

Having returned to school, student Lucy is focused on rebuilding her life, but as the lines blur between high school bullying and an ominous stalker, Lucy must question her new found sanity. The film was praised by the judges for its character development, shooting style, and its fantastic use of shadow and light, making it a worthy winner.

A very slick, well made and well written film. Thoroughly engrossing and with some dark humour within it. VERY enjoyable!

Frank Horrocks, Into Film Judge

We spoke to young filmmaker Bethany to find out how she felt winning this month's competition. "It's an amazing feeling to win Film of the Month! It's extra special as it's my film's first win." Bethany also spoke about when her filmmaking career began: "I started properly making films when I started my media A-Level two years ago, but I've always filmed and edited home movies since I was about ten." So what inspired Bethany to start making films? "I'm a big reader and love the cinema so when I started to imagine what my favourite books would look like on screen I knew that's what I would like to do for real."

We also asked Bethany what advice she has for other young filmmakers:

It really helps to know your topic, and it's fun to learn more about different styles of filming in different genres. It definitely makes the process easier.

Bethany, September's Film of the Month winner

Chosen from a shortlist of six fantastic films, Psychosis will now be showcased online to over 300,000 film club members and on our Into Film YouTube channel, plus the makers have bagged themselves a £100 Amazon voucher and an Into Film goodie bag.

If you've been inspired by Psychosis, find out how you can enter our ongoing Film of the Month competition.

To further explore the themes covered in Psychosis, here are some other films to take a look at:

  • Girl, Interrupted (Cert 15, suitable for 14+) Based on the true story of a young woman who checks herself into a mental health unit following an overdose.
  • Whiplash (Cert 15, suitable for 14+) Tense drama based on the pursuit of perfection between a music student and his overbearing teacher.
  • Foxcatcher (Cert 15, suitable for 14+) Psychological thriller about an insecure millionaire who handpicks a team of Olympic wrestling hopefuls, but demands more of them than just their dedication to the sport.
  • Black Swan (15, suitable for 16+) Dedicated but uptight ballerina Nina starts loses her grip on reality as performance pressure (and her jealousy of laid-back rival Lily) start to take hold.
  • An Angel at My Table (15) A talented young writer's inability to fit in and lack of confidence eventually leads to a breakdown. Misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and sent to an institution, Janet survives her confinement through her determined writing.

As part of our ongoing Wellbeing theme for this term, we have also created two list of films that deal effectively with issues around emotional wellbeing, one for Primary and one for Secondary.

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