Celebrating Games Careers Week

17 Jun 2024

4 mins
Story Builder: Games printout
Story Builder: Games printout

The last week of June is Games Careers Week, which brings a range of organisations together to allow young people to explore the various and diverse pathways into games and creative industries.

Taking place between 24-30 June, Games Careers Week is organised by The National Videogame Museum in Sheffield, and aims to educate both parents and young people about the vast range of well-paid and creative job opportunities that exist in the games industry. Games Careers Week showcases the skills, pathways and potential of games careers, with a particular eye to driving more diverse and under-represented groups to get involved.

For those based in or near Sheffield, there are a range of events taking place at The National Videogame Museum itself, but for those elsewhere in the UK, there are over 50 online events taking place, including everything from careers talks to games development classes. Check out the Games Careers Week website for more information on the events taking place throughout the week.

Into Film... and Games?

At Into Film we have long been interested in the use of video games as a storytelling medium, and the strong links between video games and film.

Our Games programme combines ready-to-use resources to engage learners with activities that will draw on their existing (and often vast!) knowledge of storytelling in games to develop critical analysis and storytelling skills of their own. To support educators, our Games programme includes brand new resources, guidance and training to support teaching with games, and a curated film list.

In particular, our Story Builder: Games resource is ideal for helping support young people to develop their own game ideas and narratives, and get them interested in the idea of a career in the games industry.

Aimed at Key Stage 3 (or equivalent) learners, Story Builder: Games is a series of ready-to-go activity packs that will support young people in exploring storytelling, and was created in consultation with BAFTA and the Family Gaming Database.

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