Improving Consent Processes

09 Sep 2019

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Pupils in class
Pupils in class

Improving Consent Processes for Club Members

You may have noticed that we recently made some updates to improve our consent process for club members.

You will now need to confirm that you have received a signed parental consent form for any club members aged 12 years and under. This can be done on the Manage Members section of your Manage Club page. Simply click the edit icon next to each club member and you'll be able to confirm whether you have received their parental consent form.

Club members aged 12 and under who have not had their consent confirmed will find that they will be taken to a new account details page when they attempt to log in. This new page will ask for you, the club leader, to confirm that you have received their parental consent form before they can progress to the club member section of the website. Simply tick the box for them if you have the signed form. Club members aged 13 and over will be able to confirm their own consent.

If you have any issues with these new security measures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be putting together some guidance on this further to any feedback."

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