'I'm the One' is our Film of the Month winner for Oct/Nov 2019

26 Nov 2019 in Film of the Month

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'I'm the One' is our Film of the Month winner for Oct/Nov 2019

We are delighted to announce that the latest winner of our Film of the Month competition is I'm the One, made by Eden, aged 15, in Powys. See the winning film above!

I'm The One (Engaging for 11+), is a short mental-health focused film - shot in one continuous take - that takes us on a journey around a small village square, delving into the inner lives of a wide range of local people.

Wow - the concept is fantastic, but what's awesome is that it delivers. The one shot is so smooth; an epic bit of planning must have gone into this. Performances are excellent and the film carries a powerful message. Simple in many respects, but that belies the technical challenge achieved.

Film of the Month Judge on 'I'm the One'

We got in touch with Eden to find out more about her film.

Congratulations on winning Film of the Month. How long have you been making films?

Thank you so much! Well, as a young child I used to love performing on stage and acting. Aged about 7 I began to make little shorts, fun films with my friends. I would persuade them to take part, but it was more for me, enjoying the pleasure of acting as my favourite character and being able to watch it back. I never realised the power of film. However as I grew, I developed a deeper understanding of the industry and discovered that filmmaking was able to make me feel this whole new level of excitement unlike anything I had ever felt before. Making films has always been my passion. I can't see myself doing anything else!

Where did the idea for I'm the One come from?

I have always been fascinated by the nature of people, how we are so easily able to make assumptions about others, without realising the damage and distress we may be causing. I created I'm the One in the hope of using film to make people more aware of how judgemental we can all be, and to help people to think more carefully before passing judgement on others. We are all guilty of it, but we forget that it really isn't our place to judge others.

Why was it important to capture the film in one take, and can you tell us how you choreographed it?

Creating the film in one take was pretty much the first decision I made. It was easy for me to make the choice because I felt that the only way to really put the audience in the perspective of someone walking around the town and passing each of the characters was to shoot it in one take. The camera becomes our point of view and our vision through the story is more a journey than an observation. I really wanted to capture the idea of having the audience really be in that town and to hopefully be able to relate this to the people they pass by in day-to-day life.

The choreography was difficult to get my head around at first. There was only one day and one time slot to shoot, so I spent a large amount of time up at the location just practising and practising until I found the correct route, or until I came upon an issue and therefore had to make changes. This was also the very first time I had used a Steadicam (which was a birthday present) and it took months of practice! 

My parents and sister were fantastic, I used them each time to fill the body of all the characters so that I could practise the camera movement. Sounds a little strange choreographing with only a couple of people but it worked!! It was really just about repetition so that on the day I had confidence in myself and could transfer that to the rest of the team!

Your film has a fantastic collection of characters. How did you decide on their ages/genders/backgrounds?

Thank you! The most important thing in a film for me is to be able to reach EVERYBODY. All audience members, all age groups, all ethnicities, all genders etc. Because ultimately the fate of your film is decided by those who watch it. So reaching out to everyone is incredibly important, because each individual who watches the film will have their own personal life story and set of experiences.

I was hoping that by creating a broad range of characters and backgrounds, members of the audience would be able to relate with at least one of the characters in some way. The actors did a fantastic job at channeling backgrounds and stories that perhaps were not familiar to themselves. Through body language and expression they were able to portray someone else's life. The characters, I feel, came across so well on the screen because of the actors' talent and the trust they put in me as a Director. I am very grateful to them all.

Why do you think film is such a good medium for developing the empathy of an audience?

There is a magic behind filmmaking. Filmmaking puts a visual right in front of the audience, the audience doesn't have to try to create a picture themselves, the filmmaker gives that to them. And as creatives, filmmakers can create any scenario or any character they like, with as much background and detail as they like. The filmmaker is in complete control of how an audience might feel, and any filmmaker is able to make decisions that steer an audience in the direction they hope the audience will feel. Filmmaking is a powerful tool and your strong vision and belief in what you are hoping to portray is what will be received by your audience!

Are there any films or filmmakers that influenced I'm the One?

I cannot say that I'm the One has been directly influenced by any filmmakers in particular. However , I especially look up to Steven Spielberg in the way in which his ambitions and goals always become a reality because of his dedication and drive. That passion and drive spills from his work and it's inspiring to watch on screen.

If you could make I'm the One again what would you do differently and why?

If I was to make I'm the One again, I am sure I would do things differently because each film comes with different challenges and learning experiences. I would definitely work more on positions of the actors. My choreography isn't perfect and I am pretty hard on myself but that's because I am a perfectionist! I would definitely feel more confident in this area of filmmaking if I were to make it again, and be more comfortable with my decisions. I really don't think I would change the narrative or artistic choices though. I think for me it is more about my development and confidence as a filmmaker.

What three tips would you give to a young filmmaker about to make their first short film?

  1. Choose a story/theme that you love. Because I believe a great film is made by the passion that shines through it.
  2. Don't worry about not having the ‘right' equipment or access to everything! A great film is dependent on so much more than equipment!
  3. Believe that you CAN! It can be too easy to give in at the first hurdle, keep positive and you can make it happen!

Eden's film will now be showcased to over 300,000 film club members online and all of our Film of the Month films are now on the Into Film YouTube channel, and she has also secured a £100 Amazon voucher to help further develop her future films. Think you could win Film of the Month? Find out more about how you can enter our ongoing Film of the Month competition.

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