Marking International Nelson Mandela Day 2022

18 Jul 2022

4 mins
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Every year on 18 July, we all come together to mark International Nelson Mandela Daycommemorating one of the twentieth-century's greatest individuals and reflecting on his legacy and example.

Established on his birthday by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009, Nelson Mandela himself called on the people of the world to honour him by helping their communities.

As always, film is a perfect starting point in bringing Mandela's story and his impact on world to life for young people. The biopic Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom is available on Into Film+, and chronicles his journey from his childhood in a rural village to his inauguration as president of South Africa. The film is accompanied by a film guide that explores its key topics and themes through informal discussion, as well as an interview with star Idris Elba on the process of making the film.

Our brand new Mandela: A Life and Legacy on Film resource explores the above biopic through an assembly for 11-16-year-olds, which links to the day's aim of encouraging people to take action in their local communities. Meanwhile, Black Star: Persuasive Speech examines great real-life orators such as Mandela and has clear links to the English curriculum for 11-14-year-olds and the assessment objectives for English Language GCSE exam specifications, where the effects of language can be considered, as well as the importance of delivery, gesture and tone. This resource also has cross-curricular relevance to drama, history and PSHE.

Last but not least, the youth-made short documentary, Goodbye Mandela, provides a brilliant exploration of life in South Africa following the passing of Nelson Mandela in 2013. Watch the film and read all about filmmaker Hope Kemp's journey to making it below.

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