'Cereal Killers' wins the Audience Choice award

25 Jun 2024

Cereal Killers
Cereal Killers

Congratulations to young people from St Colmcille's High School in Crossgar, Northern Ireland, whose film Cereal Killers has won the Audience Choice award (sponsored by Universal Pictures International) at the 2024 Into Film Awards. The award was presented by actor Jamie Dornan.

Cereal Killers is an amusing comedy film, in which, tired of being munched on by an ungrateful Breakfast Club, one school's cereal boxes come to life and turn the tables. Can the school's security forces save the day?

Audience Choice winners from St Colmcille's High School with Cereal Killers

The film was made by 18 pupils, who were inspired by the classic movie Freaky Friday. The film was created as part of St Colmcille's High School's film festival, and the skills the young people learnt - including learning how to storyboard, create characters and learning about colour theory - have positively impacted their mental health and have been instrumental in developing their confidence and self-esteem. 

"Our class had so much fun throughout the whole process of writing and creating our film", said a representative from St Colmcille's High School. "It allowed us to include everyone in our class and each and every pupil was able to excel in their own way, whether that was in script writing, directing, making and managing props and costumes, or acting."

Audience Choice winners from St Colmcille's High School with Jamie Dornan.

The Audience Choice award is voted on by members of the public via our social media channels, making it the only Into Film Award decided by the sheer popularity of the film. With almost 12,000 votes cast across Facebook, X and Instagram, it was always going to be a tough battle, but only one film could rise to the top. And for a hilarious short like Cereal Killers - with fantastic costumes, cereal-based puns, and a dramatic, full-scale battle for the school at its climax - it's clear to see why it struck a chord.

This was our class' first experience of writing and creating a film. I think it's safe to say that it most certainly won't be their last!

St Colmcille's High School, filmmakers of 'Cereal Killers'
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