'STOP' wins Best Film - 16-19

25 Jun 2024


Congratulations to Laquarn McQueen, aged 18, from Big Creative Academy Campus in London, whose film STOP has won Best Film - 16-19 (sponsored by Warner Bros. Discovery) at the 2024 Into Film Awards. The award was presented by actor Michael Ajao and director Amani Simpson.

In this creepy, crisply shot horror, two youngsters decide to explore a supposedly haunted house, only to get far more than they bargained for. As they venture deeper into the house, they begin to experience strange and eerie occurrences that suggest something sinister is lurking within the walls...

For such a young person, Laquarn already has a wealth of experience, having previously filmed YouTube content for CBBC/Big Little Fish TV, and worked as a production assistant on two shows with Big Little Fish TV. "I became interested in filmmaking when I was 10 years old, and started filming my younger brother's YouTube content", said Laquarn. "I love filmmaking as it gives me a chance to show the world my creativity."

Laquarn McQueen, winner of Best Film 16-19 with 'STOP'

"When coming up with the idea for STOP I took inspiration from The Blair Witch Project, Insidious, and The Exorcist", explains Laquarn. "My original idea was to put all these films into one... but I came across many different challenges, one being that my original plan was too big, and I wasn't able to fit within the time scale. I was able to problem solve quite a bit throughout the whole project. With this being my first ever film, I feel as if I did a good job, and I learnt quite a bit from it."

Laquarn has already finished shooting his next film, which is currently in post-production.

Laquarn McQueen, winner of Best Film 16-19 with 'STOP', with Amani Simpson
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