John Fewell visits Blackfen School for Girls

18 Jul 2014

2 mins
John Fewell in school visitg
John Fewell in school visitg

As part of our continued commitment to providing young people across the country with inspiring interactions with the film industry, we recently sent foley artist John Fewell to Blackfen School for Girls in Sidcup.

Foley artists are a crucial part of the sound department on a film, working to record all the incidental sounds that as an audience we sometimes take for granted - everything from footsteps and rustling leaves to more gruesome noises. John is one of the most experienced in the business, with over 20 years experience and credits on films such as Gosford Park and Sweet Sixteen, as well as BBC sci-fi Torchwood.

In this visit, John showed students some of the techniques he uses to create these sounds. Rustling jeans to create a blowing sail, crunching washing powder to sound like polar bears trudging through snow and experimenting with all sorts of odd household items to create Elephant noises, which he used on Sally Pearce's wonderful short film Elephants.

To find out more about foley sound and to see John in action, watch the video below to see him deliver a masterclass at Lawnswood Academy in Leeds, in partnership with Creative Skillset.

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