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22 Dec 2017 in Using Film to Teach...

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Short Film in Language example
Short Film in Language example

Are you involved in language teaching? If so, why not learn how to enrich your lessons with short film by taking part in an online training course created by the BFI, Into Film and leading social learning platform, FutureLearn. The course - Short Film in Language Teaching - is open for enrolment now and starts on 15 January

The strategies and resources provided by this course will give educators new approaches for using film confidently to support the curriculum in their modern foreign languages teaching.

Jennifer Johnston, Education Programme Manager, Into Film

The course uses short films such as La Queue de la Souris (A Mouse's Tale), El Juego (The Game) and Les Crayons, to demonstrate the range of language learning that short films can support. The approaches and techniques have been devised and developed in collaboration with language teachers and advisors so that educators can be confident of their success in the classroom.

Learners can complete the course at their own pace, in bite-sized chunks - a model that is ideal for busy teachers wanting to refresh their teaching with up-to-the-minute ideas and resources. During the course, learners will look at a range of effective activities to introduce the main elements of film language, including using sound, still images and exploring how films manage time. Teachers will then be able to build on these elements with 'target language' activities for the classroom. By the end of the course, learners will be able to discuss the principles behind working with short film in language teaching and understand how language in film can offer support in lessons. Learners will also be able to design effective teaching strategies and feel confident at using creative film technologies in the classroom.

Short Film in Language Teaching is aimed at teachers and other educators from all over the world, creating a powerful peer community of practice and exchange. Course leader and teacher consultant Muriel Huet says: "I have been using short films in my teaching of French, Spanish and English for many years now and can honestly say it has transformed my teaching. I have used the same films and activities in classrooms in China, South Africa, and Argentina; in a French military school; in a west London comprehensive; and they travel well! I am delighted to be able to share this knowledge and passion with the FutureLearn community."

Massive Open Online Courses are able to reach a large volume of people, in an accessible and friendly format, and connect them with ideas and each other. At BFI were huge fans of these courses, and we're very pleased to be able to bring some great films and teaching ideas to a new and growing audience.

Mark Reid, Head of UK Learning Programmes at BFI

"Language learning has never been so important: the world is getting smaller as cultures come together in the classroom and in the workplace, so it's important to fully engage students in language, and film is a fantastic way to do so! Films are a great cultural resource; not only do they enable you to specifically focus on the language itself, but also the customs, behaviours and even the music of other cultures. We're delighted that our partners are able to leverage technology to enhance the learning experience and to support language teachers in their professional development." - Nigel Smith, Head of Content at FutureLearn

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