Announcing the winner of our Macbeth filmmaking competition

10 Dec 2015

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Macbeth film still
Macbeth film still

To mark the release of STUDIOCANAL's film adaptation of Macbeth, we recently ran a fantastic filmmaking competition for young people aged 15 and up, and we're proud to now present the winning entry.

Congratulations to Ormiston Shelfield Academy in Walsall, whose entry, produced by four Year 10 pupils, made it onto the final shortlist - as selected by a panel of industry experts from Into Film - and was then chosen by judges at STUDIOCANAL as the overall winner.

Made under the supervision of teacher and club leader Chloe Williamson, their dynamic film - made perfectly within the 54321 guidelines - displays great energy, and makes terrific use of some classic quotes from the text.

Ormiston Shelfield Academy win a selection of amazing prizes, including a copy of the play each (featuring artwork from the film), four posters with which to decorate their film club setting (or anywhere else!), a map of Scotland, displaying locations featured in Macbeth, and last but certainly not least - an iPad Air for the club to use in future competitions, and to continue promoting filmmaking as an activity at the school.

Watch their fantastic winning entry below, and keep an eye out for future filmmaking competitions!

Using the framework from our 5,4,3,2,1 project, Ormiston Shelfield's winning film successfully complies to the mode, featuring 5 shots, 4 quotes, 3 characters, 2 locations and 1 theme, and demonstrates the filmmaking feats a teacher or educator is able to achieve from their students in a single lesson, and how students can learn and retain elements of the curriculum in this case, quotes from the play and film Macbeth.

We hope this filmmaking competition has helped teachers and educators create a structured in-depth examination of the dialogue, characters, setting and story of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Filmmaking can be used in this way to engage students and help them to retain information for longer, and the resulting films themselves can easily be reviewed as a reminder of previous learning - not just for the current group, but also for years to come.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

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