Actor Matthew Lewis visits students in Leeds

05 Dec 2016

4 mins
Actor Matthew Lewis visits students in Leeds

Actor Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, recently visited Pudsey Grangefield School, in Leeds, to talk about his career and offer his advice to students who might be looking to follow in his footsteps.

In the video above, Matthew shares his acting experiences and explains why he believes that the world of film doesn't have to be an exclusive club. Matthew also discusses the power that film can have to help young people learn about empathy and encourage them to share their emotions.

I think film is a wonderful way of expressing emotions and scenarios that you otherwise wouldn't experience in your life. To convey a message, to teach and to educate, I think film is incredibly important.

Matthew Lewis, Actor

Having started his career at a young age, Matthew has grown up enveloped by the world of film, and is a firm believer in its power for good. "I think that films are an exceptional medium for all kinds of things, particularly education. Art in all of its forms is often a recreation of real life; an experience; it can tell stories. Whether it's a portrait or it's a piece of music, they're all capable of telling wonderful stories and teaching life lessons, and film as an extension of that is the greatest medium for it."

Learning should never be a chore - it should never be boring - and film is a way of quite easily combining fun and enjoyment with education.

Matthew Lewis, Actor

Pudsey Grangefield teacher Pete Sammons spoke to us after the visit, enthusing about the renewed sense of drive he hopes Matthew's visit will instil on the young people present. "For the students we had involved today - the media and drama students in particular, some of whom are considering pursuing careers in the industry - it's about teaching them that it is possible. It's about putting yourself out there, taking opportunities, and not necessarily about getting 10 A*s. It's about being confident, getting the opportunities, and taking them."

The event was outstanding, the students absolutely loved it. It was really good for them to be able to ask someone of Matthew's experience about what he's been through

Pete Sammons, Teacher at Pudsey Grangefield School
Actor Matthew Lewis, visiting Pudsey Grangefield School, in Leeds
Actor Matthew Lewis with young people from Leeds

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