Historical documentary MLK/FBI leads this week's new virtual releases

13 Jan 2021 in New Releases

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MLK/FBI Image 1
MLK/FBI Image 1

Despite the temporary closure of cinemas in the United Kingdom, there are still plenty of new and fascinating films being released for viewers to enjoy at home through various streaming platforms and channels. With our weekly new releases article, we'd like to highlight some of these films as well as informing you, the audience, where you can view them.

During lockdown, virtual cinemas have become an online space where you can enjoy new releases from the safety of your home whilst supporting your favourite independent cinemas around the country. Not all new releases will offer this as an option but it is certainly worth checking to ensure that cinemas continue thriving long after lockdown has eased.

New films in virtual cinemas this week

MLK/FBI; Blithe Spirit

This week sees the release of a documentary that delves into the past to uncover fascinating but disturbing truths about the treatment of one of history's most important political figures, Martin Luther King. Based on newly released, previous classified files, the film covers that intense period of the 1960s when Dr. King was fighting for the rights of Black people around America, unaware of the fact that the FBI had been paying people close to the movement to provide them with information and secrets to make sure key figures were under close surveillance. As well as being a detailed and captivating story, MLK/FBI also serves as great film for any young audiences interested in 20th century history and how it feeds into today's modern politics.

MLK/FBI is released virtually on Friday 15 January.

Blithe Spirit, meanwhile, is an adaptation of the 1941 Noel Coward play, telling the story of a most unusual love triangle. Charles is an author suffering from writer's block who visits a medium (someone who can communicate with the dead) to get help with his work, he does not expect to be visited by the spirit of his deceased wife. With his current wife of five years along for the ride but unable to see the ghost herself, Charles finds himself struggling to keep everybody happy. Part-comedy of errors and part-ghost story, Blithe Spirit is a fun and clever comedy featuring Judi Dench at her liveliest as the incompetent clairvoyant.

Blithe Spirit is released through Sky Cinema on Friday January 15.

New film guides

Trolls World Tour; Sonic the Hedgehog; Onward

Into Film have also been producing film guides for our members to use in their film clubs or virtual classrooms throughout the next few months. Suited perfectly for online use, each film guide comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and contains talking points and highlights to promote discussion between students.

In Trolls World Tour we return to the land of the Trolls, this time as a group of the bubbly miniature creatures set out to unify a magical land in which the various tribes are divided by their musical tastes. This film guide examines a host of topics with a focus on music and how we form opinions.

Sonic the Hedgehog finally brings one of the world's most beloved video game characters to the big screen loveable and faster than anything else on the planet, he must use more than just his super speed as he teams up with a local policeman to thwart the evil Dr. Robotnik. These two resources showcase themes surround friendship, and technology with a focus on design.

Lastly, Onward is the newest film from animation studio Pixar, focusing on a pair of teenage elf brothers who set out on a magical quest which they hope will allow them to spend one more day with their deceased father. This film guide is ideal for approaching discussions around themes as diverse as magic, grief, folklore and what family means to different people.

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