Tap into Mental Health Awareness Week with our Moving Minds project

10 May 2019

3 mins
Tap into Mental Health Awareness Week with our Moving Minds project

Since its inception as a result of our ICAP Charity Day funding in 2017, our hugely successful Moving Minds filmmaking project has spawned 19 youth-made filmsa celebratory screening day, a new category at the 2019 Into Film Awards and a brand new teaching resource

The films produced are also a perfect resource for exploring Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), which this year explores the theme of 'body image'. Use the films below to engage your film club or class with issues around body image, as well as the countless other discussions around mental health that demand attention.

Animations on Mental Health 3 - Sir John Cass Red Coat School

Into Film age rating: 11+

Key themes: Body image, Strategies to Stay Mentally Healthy

Synopsis:Young people use stop-motion animation to discuss the feelings of judgement whilst living with mental health struggles, and how to look after yourself by making small changes to your daily routine.

Every Rose Has Its Thorns - Grays Youth Theatre

Into Film age rating: 11+ (One use of mild bad language)

Key themes: Eating Disorders, Body Image, Social Isolation, Social Media, Be Proud of Yourself, Being Thin Won't Make You Happy

Synopsis: Rose's popularity masks deep insecurity, but the secret she hides is starting to come out - she is battling with bulimia. Friends, family and teachers all try to help, but she rejects them at every step, believing it is more important to look good online than feel good in herself. As she pushes everyone away, Rose must dig deep to find the courage to ask for help.

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