'1917' stars George MacKay & Dean-Charles Chapman Discuss WWI

27 Jan 2020

5 mins
Reporter Kasper with 1917 actors Dean-Charles Chapman & George MacKay
Reporter Kasper with 1917 actors Dean-Charles Chapman & George MacKay

Reporter Kasper spoke to 1917 actors George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman about the research trips they went on to better understand World War I and the surprising facts they discovered about The Great War when filming their epic new film. They also spoke about creating a sense of brotherhood on set.

1917 tells the story of Blake and Schofield, two young British soldiers during World War I who are given a deadly mission to hand-deliver a message to an isolated regiment who will otherwise walk into a deadly trap. Shot to appear as if it's told in one extended take, the film is an immersive experience conveying what it was like to be on the front-lines of a ghastly war.

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