'Sing 2' and eleven more new titles added to Into Film+ for September

18 Sep 2023 in Into Film+

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We are delighted to expand the Into Film+ catalogue to include yet more relevant, joyful, and inspiring stories told through the brilliantly inclusive medium of communication that is film. The twelve new titles include the hugely popular animated musical sequel Sing 2, a silent comedy by Buster Keaton offering a window onto the dawn of the filmmaking, and a range of literary adaptations and set texts from the English Literature and Film Studies syllabuses.

This selection presents the opportunity to introduce students across different age groups to new ways of thinking, observing, and responding to curriculum subjects and the world around them. From classic to recent cinematic masterpieces, from documentaries to animations (including inventive uses of animated sequences within documentary), these films can generate discussions on topics including art and technology, racism and prejudice, family and friendship, finding courage and intellectual property. Each feature comes with a downloadable resource to encourage students to delve deeper into the film's key themes.

Sing 2

The first Sing film is one of the most popular titles on Into Film+ and we are delighted to announce that the sequel has now arrived for your classrooms and film clubs. The all-singing, all-dancing cast of animals from the first film are back (along with a few new wild additions) and this time, the business-savvy koala Buster Moon is prepping to put on the biggest show of his entire career. With recognisable songs and vibrant animation, this sequel is a great way to bring music, dancing and the animal kingdom into the classroom.

Moomins on the Riviera

The Moomins are a much beloved series of fairy-tale, hippo-like characters, originating from Finland, who have been charming youngsters with their cuteness and adventurous spirit for decades. This gorgeous, hand-drawn animation from France sees the Moomin family set out for a holiday on the French Riviera where they each get entangled in a series of extravangant escapades. This gentle film is perfect for young children whilst also touching upon themes of family, jealousy and friendship.

The Cameraman

Silent films are a huge part of film history and Into Film are excited to bring one of silent comedy's greatest stars to our streaming service. Buster Keaton is still a major influence on many actors today with his physical creativity and stoney-faced style, which is put to great effect in this classic comedy. Playing a wannabe cameraman who is desperate to impress the girl of his dreams by any means necessary, The Cameraman is a great example of the wonder and liveliness at the heart of film history, perfect for a Film Studies class looking to build their knowledge base.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

One of the biggest box-office hits of the year, containing one of the world's most recognisable video-game characters, can now be watched in classrooms and film clubs around the country. This hugely energetic and comedic adaptation sees plumber brothers Mario and Luigi sucked into a magical world full of adorable (and not-so-adorable) creatures where, with the help of the headstrong Princess Peach, they must help save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil turtle Bowser. A faithful adaptation which references both familiar and fan-favourite elements of the beloved video game series.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

Beginning life as a beloved novel from the United States and standing the test of time to become a milestone book for generations of young women, this heartwarming story of a young girl, recently relocated to the suburbs, who finds herself on the verge of womanhood is now an excellent coming-of-age film for teenagers and young adults alike. More than just a story of growing up, the film addresses the often overlooked concept of puberty in an accessible and hilarious manner and captures the adolescent experience in an authentic, triumphant and believeable fashion.

Anita and Me

This film is adapted from Meera Syal's 1996 novel, which is a set text on the GCSE English Literature syllabus following Edexcel, OCR, AQA and WJEC course specifications. A funny, moving and thought-provoking film, it tackles difficult topics including racism and prejudice through the experiences of the witty and relatable Meena, a young British Asian girl starting to navigate the path between innocence and maturity. Set in the Midlands of the early 1970s, the story follows Meena as she finds herself drawn to the rebellious older white girl, Anita, to the displeasure of her parents, who want her to conform to their idea of a good Punjabi daughter.


Everyone knows The Beatles and their music… right? This highly entertaining film imagines a world in which The Beatles have been somehow wiped from history, and the only person who seems to remember their songs is Jack, a struggling musician who deeply admires the band. He sets about recreating their musical repertoire, thus becoming a pop sensation across the world. However, he soon realises that fame and fortune might mean losing Ellie, his one-time manager and the one person who always believed in his talent. Yesterday explores the joy that music brings to people, respecting intellectual property and the cost of super-stardom.

Searching For Sugar Man

The musician Sixto Rodriguez passed away in August 2023. Yet bizarrely, rumours of his demise had been circulating many years ago, until he re-emerged partly in thanks to this ground-breaking documentary, which is a set text for A-level Film Studies following OCR course specifications. In an almost real-life parallel to Yesterday, Rodriguez faded into oblivion after some modest success in the ‘60s and ‘70s US folk-rock scene or at least, so it seemed. The documentary follows the remarkable story of how, in the pre-internet age, his music founds its way to South Africa and captured the imagination of the anti-Apartheid movement.

Tim's Vermeer

Further exploring our desire as humans to connect with creativity, this documentary questions authenticity, process, and the relationship between art and technology. Tim Jenison is not a painter, but a successful inventor who has predominantly worked in the field of computer graphics. As an art enthusiast fascinated with the works of Dutch 17th century painter Johannes Vermeer, Tim seeks to discover the mystery behind the magic. He sets out to reproduce Vermeer's masterpiece ‘The Music Lesson' using the tools Vermeer himself had at his disposal along with specially designed technology. The result presents an engaging discourse between objectivity and subjectivity.


This period drama is an adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel, which is a set text for A-level English Literature following AQA, Edexcel and OCR course specifications. In 1935, in the country house of the wealthy Tallis family, older sister Cecilia has a blossoming romance with housekeeper's son Robbie but 13-year-old Briony is mystified by their passion. After a misunderstanding, Briony accuses Robbie of a terrible crime. The repercussions of her actions will be felt by many, and over several decades. Will she ever find a way to atone for her wrongdoing?

The Color Purple

Another epic tale based on a book that features on the A-level English Literature syllabus, this time following Edexcel and CCEA course specifications, The Color Purple chronicles the turbulent life of Celie, who has rarely known happiness in the American Deep South of the 1900s. When her husband separates Celie from her sister, she is plunged into a lonely, unforgiving world. However, Celie's life changes with the appearance of sultry singer Shug Avery, who gives her the determination to become a strong woman. This 1985 film is beautifully shot and includes deeply moving performances, its legacy such that it has inspired an upcoming musical remake.


Now appearing on the A-level Film Studies syllabus for WJEC course specifications, this super-villain origin story was controversial upon release and remains divisive with audiences and critics alike. The film itself follows Arthur Fleck, a down-on-his-luck stand-up comedian who begins to feel the pressures and injustices of society pile upon him, pushing him towards a breaking point. With nowhere left to turn, Arthur unravels and morphs into The Joker, a new persona that threatens to overturn society using chaos and violence. One of the more talked about films of recent years, this is a text that is sure to start a eclectic classroom discussion.

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